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Top 5 Best Selling Engagement Rings

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Top 5 Best Selling Engagement Rings
By admin April 26, 2022
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 There are so many different engagement rings to choose from these days that it can be tough to decide which one would be the best choice for you and your soon-to-be fiancee. The trick, however, isn’t necessarily finding the most unique or unusual ring on the market; rather, it’s finding the ring that has a design that works with your fiancée’s personality while also expressing your style at the same time. Check out these top 5 best-selling engagement rings to help get you started choosing one that will make her smile every time she looks at it on her finger.

1) Round Cut

The round-cut engagement ring is a classic choice. It’s considered one of the most elegant cuts for engagement rings, allowing your diamond to shine in all its glory. In addition, a round-cut engagement ring offers an equally sophisticated look in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Round-cut diamonds are often preferred by those who love understated elegance paired with exceptional sparkle. They’re also great for traditionalists who prefer more classic designs over more elaborate looks. So if you’re not a fan of fancy setting styles or unusual shapes, a round-cut diamond may be what you need to get still noticed while keeping things nice and simple. Buy Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry.

2) Solitaire Setting

Solitaire is one of, if not the most common ring settings for engagement rings. It’s a classic and simple style that fits any finger size perfectly. The diamond sits in a four-prong setting above a round-shaped prong which is where your wedding band would be placed when worn together. This ring also has many variations, including princess cut, emerald cut, and more! Solitaire settings can also be customized to accommodate larger diamonds at a higher price point.

3) Halo Setting

Three stone rings are one of the most popular settings because they appeal to various styles. Three small diamonds often indicate engagement rings, but don’t be fooled: the three-stone style can also be used for wedding bands and anniversary rings. Three is also considered a lucky number in many cultures; if that sounds like your kind of style, then consider getting a three-stone setting for your diamond ring.

4) Side Stone Setting

The typical diamond engagement rings setting is a prong setting, which secures a diamond to a metal band using four triangular-shaped prongs that hold it in place. Prong settings are used for any gemstone, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. A popular alternative to diamond prongs is called channel or basket setting, which involves grooves on either side of your stone to give it added security and prevent chipping. Another option for side stones is a bezel setting, where your center stone sits against a metal rim rather than held in place by prongs.

5) Three Stone Setting

A three-stone ring is an engagement ring that includes a center stone surrounded by two side stones. The three-stone setting is one of the most popular and recognizable styles in engagement rings because it offers a unique combination of elegance and simplicity. Typically, all three diamonds are set into one band; however, another option is to use separate bands for each diamond. Three-stone rings are often set with baguette diamonds because they add sparkle without overpowering the center stone or adding weight to your finger. However, 3-4mm round brilliant diamonds also make beautiful center stones for 3-stone rings; either way, you can’t go wrong. Choose To Buy Best Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings.

6) Double Halo Rings

If you’re planning on asking for your sweetheart’s hand in marriage, a double halo ring is a great choice. It has a spectacular appearance, but double halo rings are also incredibly rare. Halo rings feature a band of precious metal studded with stones; two bands, then—one above and one below—surround and divide each stone.

7) Solitaire 1 Carat Engagement Ring

Solitaire 1 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold. The diamond is of exceptional cut and very bright. One carat diamond gives you more sparkle than other diamonds, less than 1/2 a carat.