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Bruce Weber On Correct Use of DSLR Camera for Beautiful Pictures

As a photographer, the best investment one can make is a DSLR camera. This is the key gear that every photographer needs to go ahead with the photography career. However, DSLR cameras might be the prime requirement of a photographer. But his camera comes with a touch of complexity that many photographers fail to decipher. For this reason, they need a little tutorial when it comes to photo shooting with a DSLR camera.

Bruce Weber on using a DSLR


Bruce Weber is a famous photographer with creative insight. Bruce started his photography career as an art photographer. He succeeded in gaining people’s appreciation for art photography. However, his success and fame came from commercial photography. Bruce uses colors and angles to set the tone and mood of photographs. He says learning to use a DSLR is the only way a photographer can transform photographs and create something unique. 

Before one learns to use a DSLR camera, one needs to understand what DSLR refers to. Why this camera is so well-regarded in the photography industry? DSLR is a digital device that comes with an internal mirror. DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex. This camera is designed to drive light through the lens to the subject so that the photographs get a creative edge. 

The most perplexing aspect of this camera is its design. When an aspiring photographer takes out the camera from its box, the photographer gets to see a series of buttons on its body. This not only confuses aspiring photographers but also makes them nervous because now they have to learn the use of all these buttons to take one photo. However, even though it may seem difficult at the beginning, with practice DSLR use gets simplified. A photographer needs to devote time to learn about DSLR and practice taking photos with it.

Holding The Camera


Bruce says when one takes out the romance from using a camera the basic always comes down to hold it steady. If a photographer fails to hold a camera steady, the photographer fails to take solid images. The photograph will get blurry if one does not learn to hold the camera. To hold a camera steady one can use both hands and place elbows against one’s body to prevent tremble. Initially, photographers use a tripod while learning the use of DSLR. However, some may not want to use a tripod. They can use their hands to get the right shot.

Shooting Modes


DSLR cameras have simplified photography. This helps take vivid pictures easily. However, one needs to learn about different shooting modes. Without learning about shooting mode, a photographer will be ill-equipped to take professional shots. One can always use automatic mode to take photos. However, the automatic mode does not offer as many options as the manual mode. If someone wants to add richness and depth to a photograph, one needs to learn to use different manual modes. 

Bruce Weber encourages aspiring photographers to learn to focus the camera on photography subjects. If the task of focusing on the subject seems too complicated, one can break down this task into several small ones. Bruce says that smaller tasks are easy to master, so one can learn quickly.     

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