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Hillandale Farms Lists Three Methods To Cleanly Slice Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs


Preparing hard-boiled eggs is arguably one of the simplest recipes in the culinary world. One does not require any advanced ingredients or chef skills to prepare hard-boiled eggs. One would simply need high-quality eggs from a reliable farm like Hillandale Farms and a pot of water to make hard-boiled eggs, which can then be added to appetizers and salads. Many recipes would require people to either slice or chop their hard-boiled eggs, and doing so, however, seems much easier than it is in practice.

Hillandale Farms mentions a few ways to cleanly slice hard boiled eggs


It can be quite complex to cleanly slice hard-boiled eggs, as egg white and the yolk are not consistent. If a person slices through a boiled egg, its yolk may break into pieces. Moreover, no matter how hard one tries slicing hard-boiled eggs, the slices might not come out uniform. To prevent such issues, it is better to try the following techniques:

  • The knife technique: This is quite an old technique for slicing eggs, and just requires a flat surface and a thin, sharp knife. One needs to place their boiled egg gently on a chopping board and slice through it. The focus should be on making each slice clean and precise. The knife has to pierce through the flesh of the egg slowly, without applying too much pressure. With the correct amount of pressure and gentle moves, one can obtain thin and uniform slices. But this method is not foolproof, and there is a good chance that the yolk may break if too much pressure is applied. To avoid this, it is better to use a really sharp knife that has no serrations that may crush the egg yolk. One can also cool the eggs to make it simpler to slice the eggs, as they become more solid. One may even oil the knife in between cuts so that each cut slides through.
  • The floss technique: If one has unflavored dental floss at home, then the item can be used for slicing hard-boiled eggs. Floss is very sharp and can seep between tiny openings, which makes it a good tool to cleanly slice a boiled egg. One just needs to place the egg on a board, tighten the floss, and gradually press the floss onto the egg. The result is likely to be a clean slice that does not take much effort. One needs to apply less pressure in this technique as well, to avoid breaking a yolk. Flavored floss must not be used as well, as it can alter the taste of the eggs.
  • Egg slicer: This portable, compact, and durable device comes in varying shapes and sizes. It has small thin blades that easily cut through eggs, and is the easiest tool for achieving clean slices from hard-boiled eggs. All one needs to do is follow the instructions on how to use this device as each of them has its own specifications.

Any of the techniques mentioned above can be used for high-quality eggs from Hillandale Farms. If one needs a cheaper method for their home just going with the knife or the floss technique would be a good idea. However, for professional chefs, buying an egg slicer would be a better move as it allows for improved accuracy and speed.

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