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MBA Colleges in Italy and France without GMAT

MBA Colleges in Italy and France 


Despite the fact that Italy is mostly known for its fashion industry, it is remarkable that this country is home to some of the most esteemed MBA programs in the world. The better infrastructure and the upgraded curriculum that the nation is providing are two factors that draw students from all over the world to the MBA courses that are offered by the country. Get ready for a lucrative career that will offer you limitless affluence in the modern world. If you want to finish it sooner, you may also take a one-year MBA program in Germany.

It is well known that Italy is the country where some of the best business schools are located. Many notable individuals in business, including some of the most successful persons in the world, received their education in this part of the world. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes that are currently being offered in the country attract students from all around the world.

Why study for an MBA in Italy


You could find a lot to benefit from in terms of academic and personal growth at the Italian business schools. Since this is one of the most important components of the degree, an MBA school must have a highly competitive course structure. This is one of the most crucial elements to take into account while applying for a master’s program in business administration in Italy. The course content is up to date with the most innovative developments in the related industry. If you want to study for an MBA in Europe, Italy is undoubtedly one of the finest countries to choose from. You can also apply for MBA in Australia


Italy is home to some of the most famous business schools in the world. These institutions are well-known across the world. As a consequence, students will have the possibility to push their limits and turn into some of the most talented professionals in the world. With their seasoned teachers and top-notch facilities, Italian business schools are regarded by MBA aspirants from all over the world as one of the greatest venues to pursue their studies.

Top MBA schools without GMAT


Italy has a variety of options when it comes to business schools. However, each of the universities offers its own distinctive MBA programs. The student must acquaint oneself with the MBA program prior to submitting an application to these institutions.

University of Milan-Bicocca


In 1998, the University of Milano-Bicocca was founded and its doors were first opened. Since its inception, the university has maintained a position as one of the best in the world for graduate business studies. To establish benchmarks, students from this university have visited a variety of diverse places.

Pavia University


The Università di Pavia was founded as a university in 1361. This is one of Italy’s oldest institutes of higher learning. This school is well-known for both the top-notch education it provides and its state-of-the-art physical facilities, which have substantially developed over time. There is a great deal of interest in the MBA program because of the institution’s stellar reputation.

LUISS School of Business


One of Italy’s most esteemed organizations of its type, the LUISS Business School is highly recognized. Additionally, it is one of the country’s oldest business schools. The Business School is frequently regarded as one of the top Business Schools in the country due to its High-Quality Education and well-educated Professors.

University of Pisa


The city of Pisa is well-known for its prominent educational institutions, notably the Università di Pisa, in addition to the tower of Pisa. This well-known organization is one of the B-Schools in Pisa. The academic community holds this institution in the highest regard.

Business School of Bologna


One of the most prominent and well-known schools offering MBA programs is the Bologna Business School. The business school’s parent organization is the University of Bologna. This university, which was founded in 1088, is also considered to be one of the earliest colleges and universities in the country.

Paris HEC


One of the most renowned and exclusive grandes écoles is the business school HEC Paris, located in Jouy-en-Josas, France. HEC offers a Master of Management degree, a Master of Science in International Finance program, MBA and EMBA programs, as well as executive education, MSc and Ph.D. programs in specialized fields. You can also apply for MBA in france

This 16-month program is designed to provide students the time they need to pick up new skills and get experience in a different field or employment role. Students from both intakes have the opportunity to unite into one class during the second half of their programs (the Customized Phase), promoting a sense of collaboration in a cooperative community.

Rennes School of Business 


The Rennes Chamber of Commerce and Industry founded the Rennes School of Business, formerly known as École Supérieure de Commerce de Rennes, in 1990. It is located in Rennes, the Brittany’s capital city. A Grande École is the ESC in Rennes.

Rennes, one of the fastest-growing towns in Europe, invented the idea of urban well-being and established a real synergy between institutions of higher learning, research organizations, businesses, and the charity sector.

INSEEC School of Business and Economics


The INSEEC School of Business and Economics is a private French business school grande école and a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles in France. MBA programs are designed for those who want to acquire specialized business skills and come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds (universities, engineering schools, business schools, and bachelor’s degrees). MBAs keep a close eye on the demands and changes in the industry.

A timetable that allows students to alternate between school and the job allows for a large amount of time to be dedicated to professional experience (internship, professionalization contract, apprenticeship, or company creation). The majority of the faculty is made up of working executives, business experts, and entrepreneurs, giving students access to their professional networks and a continuously updated education.

Final Reflections


Italy is one of the most well-liked countries to get an MBA. Every year, a sizable number of individuals submit applications for admission to business schools in Italy. One of the reasons it is so challenging for educational institutions like universities and colleges to accommodate every single student is because of this. It is highly advised that students have all necessary paperwork on hand and prepared to apply before the application period opens in the first month of the academic year.

As soon as admissions have started, the student is needed to submit an enrollment application. It could be difficult for a college to accept further admission applications when its capacity for new students has been reached. Students are highly encouraged to submit their admissions applications as soon as they are able to do so because of this.

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