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Introduction Noorani Qaida

Learn Noorani Qaida online


Noorani Qaida is a foundation curriculum that’s specifically designed for non-Arab Muslim kids to learn the Holy Quran. It is the perfect book to help beginners learn the sounds of every letter of the Holy Quran.

This helpful book makes it easier to learn how to correctly read the Holy Quran. It contains all the basics of pronunciation necessary to learn the Holy Quran’s recitation. It is also suitable for those who aren’t familiar with the basic principles of language.

One is not required to have any previous knowledge of Arabic. Learn how to learn Noorani Qaida online.  fruitful tips to help your kids teach the Noorani Qaida efficiently.

Learn the Noorani Qaida Fundamentals Regularly


Your children should attend their classes every day. Any interruption can break the continuity of the lessons and wipe out any previous learning.  will have a set schedule and will love learning. They will stay on track if they have your love and support.

Practice Leads to Perfection


It is important to remember that your children cannot attend only an online Quran class until they practice it. Recite the Holy to encourage your kids to participate in the Noorani Qaida. You will see improvement in their learning when they revise the lessons. The basic rules of Arabic language learning will be faster if your kids are focused and patient. If you are serious about improving your Arabic and Quran Recitation Principles grades, do not rush to get to the next lesson. It is important to practice in order to better understand and process the language rules. Revision is key! Stay motivated!

Locate a Quran Tutor


You can also save time and improve your language learning skills by hiring a native online Quran tutor. These tutors are more qualified and skilled to explain the principles of the Quran to your children in a way that is more accurate than non-Arab teachers. To learn how to read Learn Noorani Qaida Online Course, most people go online and search “Native Arab online Quran teachers”. It is hard to beat learning Arabic (Quran) language from a native online Quran tutor at your home. It will increase your knowledge and inspire you for the Quran.

Noorani Qaida Provides the Following Skills


  • Pronunciation

First, you will learn Noorani Qaida and improve your pronunciation. Your Noorani Qaida lessons are online. You repeat the words after your teacher. It helps you to master the proper pronunciation.

  • Mix letters together

Once you have mastered the correct pronunciation of Arabic words you can then learn to join syllables, mix letters together, and pronounce them.

  • Vowels

The course ‘Learn Arabic Qaida’ will also teach you how to recognize the vowels in Arabic. Non-Arabs have difficulty reading  Arabic text, which is largely composed of consonants. Many vowels in Arabic have been translated into vowing signs, which are essential for beginners to understand Arabic text and avoid making mistakes.

Remember Allah SWT


For every Muslim, learning the Arabic language is essential to be able to read and recite Holy Quran. This is not an easy task for non-Arabs. Sometimes they feel it is impossible to learn Arabic.

They should always remember Allah SWT, who pours his blessings upon Muslims for every word. It is a great virtue to learn the Quran and recite it.



These tips should have eased your worries. I hope you now feel confident that Noorani Qaida is easy to learn. Keep your head up with determination and follow these guidelines to improve your Quran recitation, starting with the Noorani Qaid. Register for our online platform today and enroll in the required course!



Online Kids Madrasa offers Quran education for all non-Arab Muslims. We offer classes via Zoom and Skype. This platform is the best for people who wish to learn Quran and Islamic Studies from home. In addition to the regular course, our native Arab teachers are highly skilled and dedicated.

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