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How to Prepare for a Trip to Bogota

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How to Prepare for a Trip to Bogota
By admin July 9, 2022
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Prepare for a Trip to Bogota


Bogota is a high-altitude capital city with about 9,000 feet of height, which accounts for its abundance of breathtaking sights and attractions. It will leave you breathless in several ways. There are several reasons to visit Bogotá, a dingy but stunning city. The best way to reach here is by Spirit Airlines booking.


How to reach trip to Bogota


Both domestically and internationally, flying is the most convenient mode of transportation to Bogotá. Many airlines, including American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, and United Airlines, offer non-stop service from the United States to Bogotá. Airlines from Latin America that fly to Bogotá include Avianca, Copa, and LATAM. You can book Spirit airlines ticket from your nearest airport to reach here.


Pack light weighted clothes


Tropical heavy downpours are common in Bogotá, and the steep terrain makes them worse. It is severe and constant when it rains. Fortunately, heavy rain cannot last, and it normally becomes lighter within an hour or two, if not completely clear. The weather is usually sunny, so pack accordingly.


Decide Budget 


It would be better to decide and set a budget to save time and money. Hotels, meals, transportation, and attractions can all be done on a budget for all the wonderful activities Bogotá has to offer, which is great news for budget backpackers and luxury tourists trying to save money (or peso).


Plan for Airport Shuttle or Taxi


The least expensive method of getting from the airport to Bogotá is via an airport shuttle. From 5 am to 11 night, the free airport shuttle departs every 20 minutes. You will arrive at the El Dorado Station as a result, from where you can board a public bus to the city. The TransMilenio bus-only charges COP 1,800 for a one-way fare. The price of the taxi will vary accordingly.


Book your accommodation


We will suggest you book in the middle of the city for various types of stay options so that you can access everything easily and get the mode of transport easily to get around the places. Do proper research and find the best suitable stay for you as per your interest. You can book a spirit airlines flight along with accommodation for a safe side.


Research and plan your activities


There is no limit to attractions and places. Planning it will save you time, and you can cover as much as possible in less time. It will give a structured order to your trip. Gold museum, La Candelaria, and Plaza Bolivar are some of the amazing sites you should cover on your trip.



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