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Dual Fuel Kit for Generator

Most oil and gas applications use machines that are ready to be reworked using two fuel systems. This is a good place to start, because now you can save money and help the environment by choosing gasoline appliances over the new bi-fuel machine. Dual fuel systems cost less than buying a new engine and require fewer modifications to the existing engine, reducing component integration efforts. This reduces the total cost required to upgrade your fleet and meet performance and sustainability goals. Our equipment can convert any diesel generator to run on a mixture of gas and diesel at the rate determined by the calorific value of the gas. There has been a period where 70% diesel conversion has been achieved.

Benefits of Dual Fuel Kit


  • Conversion – Can be run on diesel only if gas is not available 
  • Field transformation is conceivable from diesel to double fuel.
  • Reduce the cost of production – Two generators provide savings from 
  • Reduced diesel consumption. Gas is cheaper than diesel 
  • No loss of power – higher specific power output compared to gasoline engine 
  • Fewer moving parts and therefore lower maintenance costs.
  • The investment cost is low compared to the gasoline engine

Why Dual Fuel Is Useful for


Dual fuel systems are useful in a variety of products including grills, home heating systems, ovens and ranges. But the two most popular applications. The Dual Fuel Switch is a new technology that helps heavy-duty diesel operators reduce costs and emissions by replacing more flammable gas with cheaper diesel. The dual fuel system includes patented technology that allows engines to run safely on gas with up to 70%* of the total fuel requirement. The engine converts to dual fuel and exhibits diesel-like performance in critical areas such as performance, stability and load tolerance. 

Two types of vehicles 

Hybrid cars have been on the market for over two decades, but you may be surprised to learn that the most common gasoline-electric model is not the only type of hybrid car. Any vehicle that uses two or more forms of energy is considered a hybrid, meaning that two gasoline engines make them hybrid. Still, it can be easy to think of them as “two-wheeled vehicles” or simply “gasoline vehicles”.  

This is definitely the most popular of the two fuel systems. These vehicles require two separate fuel tanks to feed the same engine. For example, a hybrid car that uses diesel + natural gas injects high-performance diesel fuel into the engine until it runs at a constant speed, then the engine and -switch to gas efficient. Two-wheeled vehicles are designed so that if one tank of fuel runs out, the engine can continue to operate while fuel is still available.  



Generators that use fuel cells can be consumer grade or industrial grade. Long-term diesel is the preferred fuel type for large commercial manufacturers because of its reliability, but many operators want to reduce their diesel consumption due to today’s emissions standards. For many people, diesel + gas engines offer the best of both worlds. 

In terms of non-transmission engines, besides excavators, generators are the most commonly used equipment. Although many portable generators are marketed to consumers as “bi-fuel”, they are actually bi-fuel because the user has to choose whether it will use propane or gasoline, for example. But the providers of the fuel operators work together for the best performance, which can have a great impact on the results and extend in a large job.



Cost savings: Dual fuel systems are significantly more expensive to purchase than traditional engines, typically 15-30% more expensive. And because the engine can use one fuel or a combination of fuels, it costs less time to run because it allows you to choose the cheapest fuel now. 

Easy storage: Two boilers eliminate the need for extensive on-site storage of expensive fuels, such as diesel. They also reduce diesel storage maintenance costs. 

Reliability: If the natural gas source is temporarily cut off, the engine can continue to run on diesel alone, isolating it from any power grid fluctuations for as long as the diesel supply continues. 

Flexibility: A dual-fuel engine can allow you to use alternative fuels such as sewer gas or landfill gas while pairing it with a more traditional fuel. 

Sustainability: Like bi-fuel systems, bi-fuel models can reduce harmful emissions by burning less diesel. 

Other details of Dual Fuel kit


  • No engine moderation required 
  • No loss of power or efficiency 
  • Extends engine life 
  • Reduces production 
  • High ventilation is not required 
  • Allows gas flow to be shut off without affecting DG operation 
  • Modern control and monitoring

Types of Dual Fuel Kit


BD Diesel


Diesel is an experienced diesel company specializing in BD Diesel Performance (BD Diesel) products for Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins and Duramax diesel pickups. 

Fleece Performance


Fleece Performance Engineering is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket diesel products.

Renowned for innovation, quality and service, our products push the boundaries of diesel performance technology. Products like the Cheetah line of turbochargers and powerFlo lift pumps have made Fleece Performance an industry leader.

Industrial Injection


Diesel Injection Services offers some of the best turbochargers, injection pumps, high pressure fuel pumps, fuel pumps, 24V and CR fuel injection parts, injectors, OE fuel injectors and performance fuel injectors available for diesel today.

Wehrli Custom Fabrication


Wehrli Custom Fabrication Inc. specializes in high performance diesel upgrades and custom engine manufacturing. At WCFab, we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing the finest engineered parts and upgrades for Duramax, Powerstroke and Cummins Diesel trucks.

H & S Motorsports


H & S Motorsports was founded out of a desire to create better products for the performance and diesel racing industry. From humble beginnings, H&S has grown to become the industry leader in performance products for Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax and Ford Powerstrokes models.



Unlike normal gas engines, Dual Fuel engines can also run on liquid fuel only which is a big problem when considering the case of supply of many sources of energy and fuel studies for resources that do not allow interruption of power supply due to power failure to deal with problems following seismic disasters. To meet this need, attention began to focus on DF machines.

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