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Commercial Kitchen Home and Gas Safety Regulations

Commercial Kitchen 


To have a commercial kitchen at home is convenient, especially if you’re looking forward to opening your own food business. Just a bit of renovation here and there, and you can end up with a culinary kitchen.

We’re here to help you, from getting a licence and permits to what you need to renovate. In this article, you’ll get the complete information, so take your notebooks out and start reading!

License and Permits


Before digging deep into the details, let’s discuss if you need anything legal to start your business. If you’re starting a food service business, and when it’s all up and running, you want it to stay put. Then yes, you might need a permit.

Starting a food business may not be as simple as it seems. It calls for a health inspection and a domestic kitchen licence, perhaps. If your kitchen is not marked; as up to date for commercial use, you have to hire a licensed contractor to renovate your kitchen accordingly. 

Also, contact your local city officials to know if you need any necessary building permits for your commercial kitchen at home. Or you could be asked to have a domestic kitchen license; the kinds of authorizations or clearance you need depend on your location and their regulations license.

Gas Safety Inspection is Necessary


According to a report, there’s a gas leak in the USA every 40 hours. Although, gas explosions at home are rare. Gas leaks, however, can cause grave damage and lead to fatalities. Therefore, while focusing on home improvement, consider a gas safety inspection.

According to, Health and Safety Executive, if you are a landlord, you are responsible for your property’s gas appliance servicing. But if you are a homeowner, you can have it checked for your safety. 

A gas-safe engineer will conduct an inspection. Safe installation of our gas appliances, check if there’re any leakages, or if your home is methane safe to use and live inside. 

After the inspection, the engineer will hand you a gas safe or cp12 certificate. Now the only thing between you and a commercial kitchen is some renovations!

To avoid potential danger, you can maintain the pilot light, install a CO or methane detector or keep a fire extinguisher nearby. In case of an emergency, leave the area immediately and contact the utility company’s emergency number. The more you know about gas leakages, the safer you are.

Home Improvements to Look For


Commercial kitchen configurations explicitly affect the presentation of an eatery or cafe in different ways, including effectiveness and productivity. When designing a kitchen, stay connected to (the idea of) incorporating your storage section into the central kitchen.

Add wall shelves or more space in the cupboards; the less you need to walk around the kitchen looking for utensils or spices, the better your proficiency.

  • Kitchen ranges

 For a commercial kitchen, you need to look for a complete chef-style kitchen range. Luckily, they are available in several sizes. You decide what exactly you will offer in your at-home business. It will help you to get a kitchen range that suits your business. 

To make things easy: there are kitchen ranges with a dual fuel facility, with a gas stove and an electric oven below. It will reduce the hassle since you can get two things done at the same place!

  • Refrigerator

Are you using a domestic fridge for your commercial kitchen? You have to be kidding me. Commercial refrigerators are larger in size and more efficient. It can not only hold more items but; is made to withstand continuous usage. 

Adjustable racks and climate systems can help you keep things fresh according to their demands. Heck, you can even store a pizza inside a commercial fridge.

Apart from the interiors, if your fridge has a glass door, It couldn’t be any better! Chefs find it easy to look inside the refrigerator quickly and speed up the entire cooking process.

  • Space up your Kitchen!

Now that you’re excited to select a cooking range and a refrigerator, time to humble yourself and consider the space that you have. If you have a small kitchen, opt for appliances that seem fit for your kitchen. Or else, you need to extend the architectural space of your kitchen to a more convenient usage and flow (keeping walking space into account). 

  • Worktables

 Moving forward, we have worktables or a counter where you finish off your meals. The worktable is the heartbeat of your kitchen since, after the cooking area, you spend a lot of time and energy here. It should be large enough to hold more than one dish at a time.

You can get wall shelves nearby that hold your spiced or salt and pepper shakers within arm’s reach. Similarly, a utensil rack seems like a good idea. It can keep all your valuable utensils in one place while also adding elegance to your kitchen by showing off your best pieces.

  • Countertops

The countertops add modernity or a more commercial touch to your kitchen. Choose stainless steel for a sleeker look. However, scratches or crusts are inevitable in such pieces. 

Stone or marble will work best if you’re looking for a glossier look. They can take the heat without scarring the perfect and smooth surface. Marble countertops are perfect for baking and rolling out your dough. Nonetheless, good and complimenting countertops can elevate your kitchen’s vibe.

  • Butler’s Pantry

A commercial home kitchen causes massive noise than you imagined. To keep things quiet (to some extent): a butler’s pantry is a must. It can store many ingredients; and other kitchen appliances like a mixer or espresso. 

The noise is reduced in that manner while your home can still be a family-friendly place to socialize.

Bottom Line

Every commercial kitchen relies on proper ventilation, good lighting, and wall and floor tiles that are easy to clean. A commercial kitchen means double the smoke and grease; therefore, while designing your kitchen, keep this in mind and choose floor tiles or backsplash that don’t require much hard work to stay shiny.

While the higher the budget, the better the kitchen, this might not always be the case. Organize your kitchen thoughtfully and choose the right appliances according to your menu. You can have the perfect kitchen within your budget and according to your room space. 

Kitchen renovation includes a lot of decisions and choices. But if you plan early and stay firm in your idea of a kitchen. You’ll work out having everything to make the best gourmet and become an epicure!

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