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Best Tourist Attractions in Toronto

 Best Attractions in Toronto


For those who want to relish the amazing sites in Toronto city, read the article to get acquainted in depth. The city is home to many of the top attractions within walking distance of each other.

  1. Tour Casa Loma

This tour would be the best for people who are looking for something extraordinary thing in the city. This site is standing in beautifully kept grounds and an extraordinary building somewhat reminiscent of a medieval castle. This building was originally constructed in 1914 by Sir Henry Pellatt.

  1. City Hall & Nathan Philips Square

This famous site is dominating the spacious Nathan Philips Square with its bronze sculpture, The Archer, by Henry Moore. This building is the still highly acclaimed new City Hall designed by the gifted Finnish architect Viljo Revell. Being built in 1965, this city Hall consists of two arc-shaped high-rise blocks, 20 and 27 stories high respectively.

  1. Shop at Eaton Center

Shop, eat and enjoy at the huge Eaton Center mall. This mall is situated at the north end of the Central Business District. Located near the subway station, this mall has tons of ultra-modern shopping complexes. This mall extends over several blocks and is continually being renovated and enlarged.

  1. Watch the Action at Yonge Dundas Square

Searching for the most thrilling location in Toronto? Visit this neon-lit public space that is fashioned after New York Times Square. This square is a popular gathering spot for Torontonians. Watch the area that is complete with seating areas, and dancing fountains. In addition, a lot of people visit the area during the evening to sit and relax when the flashing neon signs come to life. 

  1. Visit the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

Take part in one of the highlights on Toronto’s annual events calendar which is the Toronto International Film Festival. This festival is held each year in early September. In addition, this world-famous festival attracts some of the most famous names in film. Come here to see a movie or simply hang around and hope to catch a glimpse of someone famous walking by. Plus, you can enjoy the weather in Toronto which is still not that hot. People love to enjoy festivals and dine outside in the evening. So, plan a trip to get relax on an outdoor patio that is a major pastime. 

  1. Stroll through Kensington Market

Shopping can be more fun if you do it from the Kensington Market. This market is an area of Toronto with a bohemian and multicultural feel. Make a trip on a typical summer’s day, to enjoy the smell of incense wafting through the air. Watch the music from a street-side musician can be heard. In this market, there are numerous retailers, who mostly operate out of old two-story brick homes. So, hop into this market for a stroll.


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