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7 Fun things to do in Santiago

Santiago serves as a hub for the government. It serves as the operational hub for what would turn into a protracted war. The city has influenced the Andes mountains, giving travelers a beautiful view and atmosphere. The weather in Santiago is typically warm and dry in the summer and chilly and slightly humid in the winter.

This vibrant capital city is one of Chile’s must-see destinations. There is plenty for everyone to do in Santiago, Chile, whether you’re staying for a few days or a whole month after Spirit Airlines booking. Here are seven fun things to do in Santiago.


The best time to visit Santiago


The best season to visit Santiago is from November to January, according to weather, cost of travel and lodging, and busy travel times. It is ideal to book Spirit airlines ticket to Santiago around January, when the days are the longest, if you want to view the sites during the day when the sun is up for the most time. For your convenience, we have provided a wealth of information below, including a monthly weather analysis, packing suggestions, flight schedules, and much more.

Pack t-shirts for the daytime if you’re traveling to Santiago in February and perhaps a light sweater for the evenings when it starts to get chilly. Knowing Santiago’s seasons is crucial. It depends on where in the world you are traveling from. They may differ from your own. Santiago is always very cold, so if you’re traveling there in August, take a heavy winter or snow jacket, thermals, and extra layers and pack as per spirit airlines flight rules.


Embark on a walking tour


A walking tour is a terrific way to get acquainted with the city. Numerous local tour operators run well-planned trips with knowledgeable, amiable guides. A sightseeing tour will offer you a better sense of the city’s center, educate you about its most significant landmarks, and provide you with information about the area’s history, the extensive subway system, and other sites of interest.


 Visit Santiago’s street art


Both locals and tourists must pay attention to Santiago’s street art. The crafters of the city serve as a showcase for Santiago’s artistic nature, which need not be contained within a museum. They are some of Chile’s top attractions, and you can find them throughout the city’s key neighborhoods, such as Lastarria, Brasil, and Bellavista, as well as on Paseo Bandera, a whole street in the heart of Santiago that has been made pedestrian-only and decorated with artwork. The city’s rising international flair is evident in its effect on people from all over the world.


The Parque Metropolitano


The Parque Metropolitano is located northeast of the city center. It is the biggest and highest of them. Two outdoor pool complexes, a botanical garden, an observatory, and the national zoo are a few of its top draws. Saint Cristobal Mountain, the highest point in the city, dominates the park’s southwest corner. The city is divided into north and south by the southern bank of the Mapocho River. It is filled with sculptures, paintings, and areas for public performances, and it features several walking pathways shaded by big trees.


The Plaza de Armas


The Plaza de Armas is a miniature representation of the diverse cultural traditions of the nation. It is located in the center of Santiago’s hectic economic district. The Plaza de Armas is a miniature representation of the diverse cultural traditions of the nation.


The Cerro Santa Luca


The Cerro Santa Luca is located in the heart of Lastarria. In the middle of the metropolis, it shines like a precious gem, providing stunning views of the surrounding Andes and the downtown. The hill also has two strongholds that date back 200 years and well-kept including the neo-classical Fountain of Neptune. The earliest Spanish inhabitants built their homes around its base, where the city’s historical center is located. It is an essential element of Santiago’s history.


The Mercado Central


For a good reason, many people frequent Mercado Central. This market is the long-established, bustling center of city trade and is located at the north end of downtown, just south of the Mapocho River.

Its food stalls serve regional specialties like curanto, a substantial stew of seafood, pork, and potato frequently consumed in ChiloƩ in the south, and its seafood market is remarkable. The central market is a terrific spot to browse everything Chile produces, from flowers to woolen fabrics, aside from food.


The Centro Gabriela Mistral


The Centro Gabriela Mistral houses the city’s museums. The location is more than just an art gallery; it also holds theatrical productions, concerts, and debuts. The center was named after a prominent author, educator, humanist, and diplomat who, in 1945, became the first writer from Latin America to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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