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Select Social Media Platform for your Influencer Marketing campaign

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Select Social Media Platform for your Influencer Marketing campaign
By admin July 27, 2022
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In the growing digital era, ads have become an obstacle in the eye of the audience. Youtube Premium and Ad blockers are now making it a compulsion for brands to find a different route to reach their target audience. 


Here’s where influencer marketing saves you. How? 


Brand ads are now seen as mere promotions, but influencer marketing can become a brand’s most vital word-of-mouth resource when done right. Hence, influencer marketing is a tremendously effective marketing strategy. Using influencers can improve your search rankings in addition to helping you reach a new audience and establish your brand’s trust.


Key factors to choosing a social media platform for Influencer Marketing 


93% of marketers consider influencer marketing to be an effective channel for brand awareness.

25% of search results for the 20 largest brands include user-generated content published on social media channels.

With these stats in mind, the primary goal for choosing the right social media platform is to determine your:


Campaign goals


Every social media site includes tools that can help you curate various types of content and are distinctive. Everything here is based on the goals you have for your approach. Your brand’s aims and goals will determine the type of content required, and the social media platform you select must align with your campaign’s requirements.


Target audience


Every social media channel has unique user behavior, which means that the social media platform you choose will also influence the type of audience you target with your marketing strategy. 

Consider your brand’s aims and objectives when choosing your social media platforms. Your goods and services will also help you identify the people who need to be aware of your offerings. You may also use social media analytics tools to assist with audience research. 




A budget should not be the most challenging part if you have measurable goals set at the beginning. Investing any amount of money makes sense when you know the deliverables. Understanding the brand’s pain points will help you choose activation resources such as blog posts, ambassador programs, or affiliate marketing for your goals.

Industry or subject matter alignment is insufficient in some cases. The brand looking to engage with the influencer must share the same culture and values. The key to doing this right is diligence and research.


Which social media platform is the best


Often, brands and influencers are seen asking or searching for answers to the above. However, it is very subjective. Choosing the appropriate platform can make or break your influencer marketing strategy. 




Customers use Youtube for various purposes because it is technically a video search engine. The platform has become an incredible arena for specialty groups, interests, and product offerings.

Influencers may communicate more information about your brand or product through videos than they could in a social media post. This enables YouTube influencers to promote your business and simultaneously increase product sales. 


The best part is that YouTube videos can be accessed and relevant for many months or even years after they are first uploaded. This means that as opposed to social media initiatives, typically transient, influencer marketing conducted on the video hosting platform will have a longer-lasting impact.




Instagram allows for the advertising of a wide variety of material. There are many affordable sponsorship opportunities—primarily if you concentrate your initial efforts on micro-influencers. Sponsoring Instagram stories or reels might produce views at a very modest cost (CPVs). 

This makes Instagram a fantastic location to build brand exposure on the cheap, especially if your company is starting out in the influencer market. These more affordable alternatives, though, are less likely to increase sales.




Twitter moves quickly, and the information there is transient. Twitter is full of thought leaders and micro-influencers in the industry. By working with them, you may increase brand awareness and gain dependable reviews for your company. 

Additionally, using influencers to create a debate about your business might boost your site’s domain authority (DA) and traffic because Google’s algorithm recognizes Twitter activity as “social signals.”

To start with your brand’s influencer strategy and raise exposure at a low cost, consider small-scale partnerships with Twitter influencers (Twitter is the least expensive way to spend your influencer advertising dollars).




Any influencer marketing campaign needs influencers and social media platforms to be successful. However, crucial elements like platform audience, format, and pricing will play a role in maximizing your resources and attaining your return on investment regardless of the social media platforms you select to promote your company.