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Best place for camping near Mumbai

Camping Near Mumbai

Pawna Lake in Mumbai

At Pawna Lake there’s no chance for treks or journey sports, however one will get pleasure from a swim within the lake and a few water sports throughout the tourer season. If you’re wanting to feature a trek to your trip, then the close Tikona fort could be a smart one to ascertain.

At Pawna Lake, there are many encampment sites wherever one will hire out a tent for many days. Booking for these tents may be done on-line. throughout the tour season and on weekends, it’s advisable to book a tent ahead.

 Location: 117.3 kilometers from Bombay.

 Best Time to Visit: the most effective time to travel is once the monsoon. This can be once the verdure around lights up and also the place appears gorgeous.

Shirota Lake

If you’re wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of the town, look no further than Shirota Lake. this can be one of the most effective places you’ll be able to relax, unwind, and even do some sports within the middle of some stunning surroundings.

From fishing, to boat rides, and even clicking images of exotic birds, Shirota lake shore permits you to try to do it all. Feeling adventurous? Trek all the way down to the close hill to get pleasure from stunning views of the lake’s neighborhood. one in every of the additional gorgeous night encampment places close to Bombay.

 Location: ninety one kilometers away from Bombay.

 Best time to visit: it’s best to travel once the monsoon, the rain brightens up the foliage here, deed it wanting lush.

Bhatsa Dam

The bank of the Bhatsa dam is a perfect place for encampment. Drive all the way down to Bhatsa to get pleasure from swimming, a ship ride, and even fishing. For those that don’t just like the water, there are alternative activities you’ll be able to strive for here like scenic trails that area unit glorious for walks.

Since it’s not too far away from Bombay, the Bhatsa encampment is right for a one-day outing. However, if you’re coming up with staying nightlong, there are unit encampment sites that hire out tents thus you’ll be able to sleep underneath the celebrities. it’s better to book ahead as this can be quite a fashionable tourer attraction.

 Location: ninety three kilometers aloof from Bombay.

 Best Time to Visit: The most effective time to go to Bhatsa is throughout the season (June to September) once the lakes area is full and also the verdure is at its finest.

Shirgaon Beach

The Shirgaon Beach in Palghar combines the most effective encampment and also the beach. Yes, you browse that right. There’s a tiny low website on the beach open for encampment wherever you’ll be able to get pleasure from the stunning breeze, choose a swim and even get pleasure from some beach sports.

For kids, there are many artiodactyl mammals and ATV bike rides here. Once enjoying all the fun things that Palghar offers, finish your day by observing the sunset at the beach. you’ll be able to then head back to the camping ground, view the celebrities, get pleasure from a balefire, and soak within the cool breeze. This can be as getting ready for an ideal weekend getaway because it gets!

 Location: 116 kilometers aloof from Bombay.

 Best time to visit: though the climate is nice throughout the year, going here throughout the monsoon ought to be avoided because the ocean will get pretty rough.

Tikona Mu

A secluded trekking and encampment, Tikona is nice for those that wish for some solitude. settled a touch aloof from Lonavala, it offers scenic views of the Sahyadris. The bank of the lake close to Kamshet is wherever most of the encampment sites exist.

If you’re going along with your partner, you’ll be able to get pleasure from some terribly cozy moments or a romantic outside BBQ. On the other hand, those who move in teams will get pleasure from outside sports like trekking. many things to keep in mind is that since this place is aloof from the town, carry tons of water and a few food with you. If you’re undertaking an evening trek to the Tikona fort, carry a torch with you and wear comfy shoes. a very splendid place to travel encampment around Bombay.

 Location: a hundred and twenty kilometers aloof from Bombay.

 Best time to visit: though the climate is nice throughout the year, avoid going throughout the summers if you can not stand heat temperatures.

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