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Which Type of Yoga accessory should I buy

A yoga accessory is an object that provides comfort, which helps you to practice yoga more effectively. The most common are yoga mats and pillows. The yoga mat provides protection and padding for your hands and feet, while the pillow allows you to rest in different positions during meditation movements. You can also use blankets or towels if you do not have a similar piece of equipment at home but want to relax in specific positions.

Which type of yoga accessory should I buy


It generally depends on your personal preference and experience in practicing yoga. If you feel comfortable with floor exercises without additional equipment, it would be enough just with the mat alone. Below you will find a list of the most commonly used items that can provide you comfort in practicing yoga.

  1. Yoga Mat

This is the most commonly used item in yoga exercises, and it is available in different colors and various price ranges. The design of this mat can be either flat or has a wedge-like shape, which provides additional support for your ankles when you are executing some exercises. If you need additional stability during exercise, use wedges, but if you prefer more depth during exercises, a yoga mat with a small wedge would be better for you.

  1. Yoga Towel

This yoga accessory is a combination of a yoga mat and a towel. It is great for people who do not have a mat at home but want to relax in different positions during their exercises. This accessory can help you get some extra relaxation after finishing your yoga practice. It will also be quite effective for the healthy blood circulation during meditation movements. If you want to purchase one, many types of towels are available on the market, so it’s better to look for a design that can provide you with maximum comfort.

  1. Yoga Wheel

This yoga accessory can be placed on the floor, providing a different level of stability to your body during more advanced yoga movements. The yoga wheel can be used while performing floor exercises such as Sun Salutation, and it is also suitable for practicing various stretches on the floor.

  1. Yoga Plunge Flag or Stick

There are many different types of yoga accessory available in the market, but the most popular ones are: the yoga stick and plunge flag, which both have similar functions – provide stability for your body during exercises and help you to perform stretching movements easier than without additional support for example in case of a mat without wedges.

  1. Yoga Palms

These yoga accessories provide additional support if you have difficulties with your hands or fingers due to your pregnancy, shoulder, or other injuries. They are available in different sizes and colors, which means that you can select one that matches the design of your favorite yoga mat. If you do not have any yoga equipment at home, these accessories can be used during floor exercises and relaxation ones.



Yoga accessories can make your yoga practice a little bit easier and smoother, so it is worth trying at least once. With the help of these accessories, you’ll be able to achieve greater comfort and focus in your exercises, which will make your daily yoga practice even more pleasant. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding purchasing yoga equipment, feel free to write to us in the comments section.

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