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What features should online mentoring platforms include

Mentoring Platforms 


People today are eager to improve their skill sets to thrive in this cutthroat society, and to do that, and they want effective mentoring from seasoned professionals. Therefore, they must get in touch with people with a lot of experience in their particular industry and are eager to offer their knowledge through mentoring platforms. Finding a deserving mentee might be challenging similarly. But finding a mentor who is knowledgeable about your field can be difficult. As a result, this difficulty presents a new chance for aspiring business people to connect both sides effectively. They can facilitate the pairing of seasoned mentors and mentees by creating online mentoring platforms. Keep on reading to learn more!

Types of Mentoring


Although the potential for the online mentoring platform’s market is enormous, let’s first examine the many kinds of mentoring used in the sector.

  • Individual: A mentor with appropriate experience and knowledge guides and aids a mentee in achieving his goals through one-on-one mentoring. Face-to-face meetings allow for private discussion of every topic and piece of criticism.
  • Group: This mentoring entails a mentor leading a group of mentees. In this situation, mentors can mentor more mentees in less time. It helps teach the same skill to everyone without the need for individualized instruction.
  • Collective: A group of mentors would lead and educate several mentees in this mentoring. Most often, businesses use this kind of coaching.

Necessary Features for an Online Mentoring Platform


There are a few elements that you should think about for the success of your platform before you begin developing your online mentoring platforms.

Matching Algorithm


The pairing of a mentor and a mentee is neither predetermined nor based on speculation. A well-designed mentoring platform enables mentees to select mentors in accordance with their needs, and mentors can respond by including pertinent information about themselves on their profiles to facilitate this process. But a good matching algorithm is needed to understand user profiles and offer suggestions. If mentees don’t wish to select their mentors, the administrator may do so. The pleasure of the mentees will be guaranteed, and your mentoring platform’s credibility will rise due to proper matching.

Interactive Tools


A well-established mentoring platform must feature effective communication capabilities 

to enable seamless contact between mentors and apprentices. They should be able to communicate in real-time through a video call or chat. By sharing links and information on the platform, they should be able to work together quickly. All online mentoring platforms must-have features like a virtual whiteboard, screen sharing/recording, chat assistance, etc.



This feature can provide you an advantage over your rivals if you want to provide services to a global audience through mentoring platforms. This function might assist you in overcoming the language barrier and provide you with chances to assist and mentor individuals from all over the world.

Progress Monitoring and Tracking Reports


This feature may be crucial for mentors and mentees to assess the mentoring program’s success. Monitoring and tracking reports that can demonstrate the development of mentees in the form of graphs or scores can be an extra advantage because accountability is crucial for the success of any training program and mentees. These tools allow mentees to evaluate their performance and pinpoint areas where they need extra help.

Ratings and Reviews


Reviews and ratings have a significant impact on how transparent your platform is. Mentors can receive feedback from mentees, and prospective students can choose whether or not to work with a particular mentor. Their ratings can also be displayed on their profile page to make mentors more accountable. Therefore, we can conclude that customer satisfaction is greatly influenced by ratings and reviews. 



With the introduction of new technologies and online mentoring platforms, we can observe a progressive shift in people’s attitudes toward digital mentorship, where they can receive guidance from seasoned mentors and attend classes at their convenience. Mentoring platforms exist because there is a demand for them in the market.

Do you want to build a mentorship platform similar to AskMe, or do you want something different? You’ll create a competitive mentoring app with our long-term development know-how that adds additional value to you and helps teach and learn for users! We’ll be happy to assist.

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