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Top 5 Festivals in Atlanta

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Top 5 Festivals in Atlanta
By admin June 11, 2022
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Festivals in Atlanta


The Atlanta Festivals are held yearly at a specific time, almost every 2-3 months. These festivals are full of fun and entertainment, and there is an amazing variety of food. Evening entertainment includes concerts and dance troupes.

Festivals, spring markets, food truck rallies, nature walks, outdoor concerts and movies, yoga in the park, Easter egg hunts, and more are among the seasonal events listed daily. Unless otherwise stated, most spring festivities are free to attend. However, you’ll need your wallet for food and drink. Also, keep in mind that, to reduce interaction. Certain venues are now embracing cashless transactions. So if you want to enjoy a festive vibe, book an Atlanta flight ticket for any of these festivals and enjoy a great time. We have selected the 5 most fun-filled festivals in Atlanta exclusively for you.

Georgia Beer Festival


Throughout the year, Georgia hosts a number of beer festivals. The festivals on this list focus on Georgia-brewed beers, have their unique flair to make their event stand out, and are among the best in their respective regions. For example, local and locally brewed beer is featured during the annual Uptown Beer & Wine Festival. The event will take place in the historic courtyard before The Tap on Broadway in Columbus. Then travel a little further south to Omaha Brewing Company for a brewery tour. Book flight ticket to Atlanta if you are a beer lover.

The Piedmont Park Summer Arts Festival


The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces hosts the Piedmont Park Summer Arts Festival, a two-day outdoor event focusing on the visual arts and family enjoyment for people of all ages, races, customs, and interests. Piedmont Park, a Midtown neighbourhood. It is home to one of metro Atlanta’s largest and most enthusiastic art buying communities. The Piedmont Park Summer Arts and Crafts Festival is bringing Atlanta’s arts scene back to its roots. Book flight ticket to Atlanta to attend the piedmont park summer arts festivals.

These are some amazing and must-visit festivals in Atlanta; make sure when you visit Atlanta next time, don’t skip these festivals. Instead, enjoy a memorable holiday here with your family.


Phoenix Files Celebration


Phoenix Flies, presented by the Atlanta Preservation Center. It is a fantastic celebration of local history and culture. There are over 100 free tours. There are open houses of landmarks, historic homes, neighbourhoods, cemeteries. Some other beautiful locations are also available.


The Atlanta Science Festival


The Atlanta Science Festival usually hosts over 100 exciting events around Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs. Many are free. However, some may require a minor fee. The two-week event culminates in a one-day Exploration Expo, a separate festival hosted at Piedmont Park. The events range from children’s puppet shows and interactive activities to adult-oriented activities such as a lesson on the science of Breaking Bad and a full moon viewing from a rooftop bar.


Tulip Festival


You don’t have to travel to Holland to enjoy tulip fields. Yule Forest’s annual Tulip Festival is taking place this March in metro Atlanta. You can take advantage of spring photo opportunities by picking your flowers. There are Food trucks, a petting zoo, and children’s activities. These activities will also be food trucks.

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