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The Best Things to do in Chicago


Chicago is a fantastic location. Chicago, known as the Windy City (but not actually that windy), lies on the shores of Lake Michigan and has a picturesque skyline.

There are numerous methods to venture off the beaten path in Chicago. We’ve created this guide to the most unusual things to do in Chicago to help you make your way around the city’s more strange and wonderful sights. We’ve got all the hot tips you could ever need, from covert magic performances to hidden speakeasies and surgery museums!

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  1. Willis Tower 

The Willis Tower, known as the Sears Tower, appears cool after its name change in 2009. It not only appears cool, but the views from it are insane. It’s streamlined black and looks like something you’d make as a child out of Lego. They’ve got to be. We’re talking about the 103rd level of the Willis Tower’s observation deck. 

103rd! From this incredible vantage spot, you can see for over fifty miles and across four states. There’s The Ledge for those of you who don’t get vertigo or wobbly legs. This is a glass platform that actually protrudes from the tower. Standing on it, you can see the roadway 412 metres below your feet. One of the most famous activities to do in Chicago.

  1. Cloud Gate

Despite having a cool sci-fi moniker, Cloud Gate is as The Bean by everyone. That’s how it appears: if the gold Surfer had been a bean, this is what it would look like. Even going to see it is one of the most important activities to do in Chicago. The Bean, created by Anish Kapoor, is located in the Millennium Park in Chicago. A selfie of the strange reflections of this very interesting piece of public art is required. Come early to reduce the possibility of a random in your shot (unless you enjoy random crowds?).

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  1. Chinatown

A variety of cultures have added to what makes Chicago so goddamn cool, as well as Chinese culture, of course, plays a significant role. Like any respectable, big American city worth its salt, Chicago has a distinct Chinatown. Step through the iconic Chinatown gate to begin your search for the best. Dine on dim sum, dumplings, and Xi’an specialties you’ve never tried before. Everything from Beijing pork to Sichuan hot pot is available. One of the best activities to do in Chicago is to end with a custard tart from Chiu Quon Bakery, Chinatown’s oldest.

  1. History of the City

Chicago was not always a glitzy city. not. What occurred in the time between then and now? We won’t bore you with it because seeing it for yourself at the intriguing Chicago History Memorial is far more interesting. This isn’t some boring and dusty artefact prison. There are numerous hands-on, interactive displays here that make history come alive! Step inside a recreated old jazz club, a famous restored L train compartment, and feast your eyes on a massive Chicago-style hot dog. Even if you’re not a history buff, this is a fascinating activity to do in Chicago.

  1. Chicago’s Criminal past

Chicago is for more than pizza (we’ve already mentioned five other awesome things). It is also well-known for criminality. But, before we get to that, let’s speak about historical crime. Head on a private stake-out and tour the locations where all these hoodlums gathered for one of the most interesting things to do in Chicago. Look for the Holy Name Cathedral, the Biograph Theatre, and the Valentine’s Day Massacre location in Lincoln Park. Nothing beats some Prohibition-era gang fighting.

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