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Rosehosting Review In 2022: My Honest Review

RoseHosting’s Linux VPS options include managed assistance. They’ll host your website and maintain your server, provide technical support and system maintenance, and aid with software setup, hardware, application support, backup, server monitoring, upgrades, and security.

RoseHosting’s Managed Linux VPS hosting options provide dedicated bandwidth, storage, security, and reliability. Users can install any software, get root access, and customise. Customers get a dedicated IP address, ultra-fast NVMe storage, and numerous 10 GigE, Gigabit, and OC-3 connections.

RoseHosting has its own data centre in St. Louis, Missouri. The servers have enterprise-grade SSD and NVMe storage, high data transfer speeds, and excellent I/O performance. They’re connected to a network of gigabit-speed fibre optic cables. Generators and batteries power the servers continuously.

No Overselling

RoseHosting has a ‘No Overselling Policy’ with all server plans. No VPS hosting package is oversold, and dedicated and shared servers always have full resources. This ‘No Overselling’ policy extends to their Managed Linux VPS Hosting plans. They never hide or raise prices for clients. The ‘No-Upsell’ method guarantees fair and transparent pricing. Checkout Rosehosting for better features and plan understanding

Uptime Record

RoseHosting offers 99.99 percent server uptime. Managed Linux VPS Hosting offers ultra-fast uptime. You’ll have 24/7 server access because they only reboot for hardware or firmware changes. Even 0.01 percent downtime results in a 10% monthly fee return.

NVMe Hosting Plans

RoseHosting’s Managed Linux VPS options include NVMe storage. It’s speedier than HDD and SSD for storing and retrieving data. 300 milliseconds is far faster than 1500 milliseconds on other hosts.

Ease of Use

RoseHosting’s Managed Linux VPS hosting services give users complete virtual server control. cPanel, FTP, server monitoring, domain management, weekly backups are available. They offer unlimited free data migration. Creating an account, installing WordPress, getting a domain name, IP address, and hosting apps is easy. 7-day money-back guarantee to test these features, no matter the reason.

Award-Winning 24/7 Customer Assistance

RoseHosting offers 24/7/365 customer assistance. They have 20-year Linux experts ready to solve any concerns. Average chat response time is under 5 minutes. Their customer service helps with many concerns. 

RoseHosting has a knowledge base and real-time chat with IT specialists. Their ticketing system helps fix difficult issues. Users praise the admins’ technical competence and hard work to keep everything running properly.


RoseHosting’s Managed Linux VPS plans include a complimentary security function. The ‘Let’s Encrypt’ SSL certificate encrypts site data. Its robust firewall blocks bad traffic, viruses, spam, and DDoS attacks. You can also get weekly server backups and a copy of your website in a secure location. GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo, and RapidSSL are premium SSL certificates.

VPS Affiliate Program

RoseHosting has two lucrative affiliate schemes. You can earn 10% when referred friends buy RoseHosting Linux VPS hosting services. After 30 referrals, the percentage permanently climbs to 15%. It’s recurring income, not one-time. Both the referrer and buyer benefit from CPA. $50 for referring 10 people and $300 for 30 per month.

Why choose Managed Linux VPS Hosting?

RoseHosting’s Managed Linux VPS Hosting plans offer a wide selection of business solutions. Its servers install each app. RoseHosting offers SMBs unlimited access and comprehensive support.

  • Managing social networks.
  • Running a WordPress blog.
  • Developing an e-commerce website.
  • Using Project Management software.
  • Having private email servers.
  • Education software.
  • Media streaming websites.
  • Open-source software.
  • VoIP applications.
  • E-portfolios.

RoseHosting’s Managed Linux VPS Hosting is great.

  • Fully managed Linux hosting. All packages include free setup, maintenance, server support, and application management.
  • Their professional admins provide outstanding server support via chat or tickets.
  • All Linux VPS hosting plans offer super-fast speeds and 99.9% uptime. RoseHosting eliminates delays and buffering.
  • Even if you can’t construct a website, you can host it. There’s a website builder, widgets, and templates.
  • Linux is an open source OS, therefore it’s easy to modify your website server with Magento, Joomla, Odoo, and WordPress.

Linux VPS Hosting Plans

RoseHosting’s Linux VPS Hosting plans include 24/7 technical support, super-fast uptime, weekly backups, full root access, free website migration, and server monitoring. 

RoseHosting offers 8 VPS hosting plans for small, medium, and large organisations.

Checkout for more amazing reviews and free trial of other products.

Rosehosting Review: Final words

Considering all of the above characteristics, it’s reasonable to say that RoseHosting’s hosting packages are one of the best for web hosting. 

You may also choose from hundreds of software-specific web hosting plans and cloud server hosting in addition to their managed Linux VPS servers. 

All their servers have NVMe storage and rapid data transfer. Compare RoseHosting’s Linux VPS hosting plans to others to see its many benefits.

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