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one of the best vegetables to keep your hair fresh

Best Vegetables For Hair Growth


Yes, consuming vegetables are not only healthy for your body but also your overall hair growth. So vegetables are your best friends because of great hair. Everyone has a dream too to have shiny, long and strong hair. But unfortunately, many of us fail to accomplish that goal. However, certain veggies can make this dream come true. As these veggies contain vitamins, fibres and minerals that help to grow hair faster. Furthermore, this help to manage you thickness, texture and smoothness of your hair strand. So eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals helps to promote your hair growth. Especially when you are suffering from great hair loss due to poor nutrition intake.

Keeping your hair healthy makes you happy too. So you likely spend too much money on your veggies and give your precious time to self-care. As these nutrients play a vital role in your perfect hair growth. In this blog, you will discover the list of the most important veggies that will help you to target your goal. And will help you to grow hair at a faster pace.

1- Spinach  

Spinach is among those vegetables that are considered to be the most nutritious for hair growth. That’s why spinach is at top of the list. In addition, it is a rich source of iron and many other essential vitamins and minerals. And particularly iron is important for your hair cells. Its deficiency can lead to hair loss. Its low level does not transport the desired amount of oxygen and other nutrients to the hair scalp. As a result, hair growth disturbs and makes them weak at the same time. So do grab this amazing nutrient-full bag as it has tons of vitamins A, C and iron. By using it as a paste mixed with coconut oil for a weekly hair mask. That is necessary for your hair growth treatment with MetroMart discount code.

2-  Onion

Onions are also very helpful and useful veggies for your hair. Although it’s a common use ingredient in the kitchen but its variety of benefits make them useful for hair too. It’s also a rich source of iron and zinc, all of which are needful for hair treatment. Moreover, it is a wonderful source in preventing the early greying of your hair. Peel and chopped it. Then extract its juice and apply it on your hair scalp by spraying it or just massaging it. Hair growth will be started after two to three weeks of using it. 

3- Cucumber 

Cucumber helps to maintain hair healthily. As these are the source of rich nutrients and antioxidants to provide enough nourishment to your hair and scalp. Hence encouraging hair growth. And if you worrying about your hair loss then yes cucumbers are the effective solution. Only even a sip of cucumber water can charge up your nutrition level of the body. Then blend some fresh cucumbers with fenugreek powder and apply it on the scalp. Massage thoroughly and see the magic in your hair growth after some days. 

4- Tomatoes  

Tomatoes do not give taste to your dishes but it is good food for your hair growth. As these are rich in antioxidants, and vitamins like A, B and C that are excellent for your healthy hair. These nutrients help in hair loss gives natural shine and treat your scalp odour. Eating tomatoes about three to four a day ensures healthy hair growth. Or one can either just consume its pulp and apply it on your scalp for better results.  

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