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Modern Teeth Straightening Procedure with Invisalign and Related Issue

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Modern Teeth Straightening Procedure
Modern Teeth Straightening Procedure with Invisalign and Related Issue
By admin October 11, 2022
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Teeth Straightening Procedure and Related Issues


Invisalign is a cutting-edge orthodontic procedure to straighten your teeth. Unlike the conventional procedures this does not rely on those fixed metal braces. Rather it makes use of a series of clear braces. These braces are carefully customised to fit perfectly over your teeth. The teeth straightening appliances exert gentle pressure to pull your teeth into the correct position over a period of time. As such Invisalign will not deliver results overnight. The clear aligners are easily removable. You can take those out any time to brush and floss the teeth, enjoy a dish or a drink or for any other reason. These braces are much less noticeable compared to their conventional counterparts.


These days orthodontic dentistry has improved significantly. Traditional metal braces are not your only option any more to correct the appearance of those crooked teeth. Invisalign braces or aligners are aesthetically more pleasing than traditional metal braces. The braces remain discreet inside the mouth and prove comfortable for the teeth.


While considering orthodontic braces people in general think about those thick metal train tracks. What people do not understand is orthodontic dentistry has evolved significantly in the recent times. Although those train tracks are still available but the innovative range of clear wires and ceramic brackets has transformed even traditional fixed braces into more discreet.  Thus, there is no need any more to think about those dreadful metal train tracks whenever you consider teeth straightening braces. 


Taking every modern version of orthodontic appliances into consideration it can be easily said that Invisalign is one of the most innovative procedures to straighten the teeth that have ever been discovered. It has made braces easier to use and of course easier to access. This discreet, user-friendly and comfortable aligner system allows you enjoy all your favourite foods, drinks and dishes all through your teeth straightening journey. You can easily take out these removable braces to brush and floss the teeth normally. 


Treatment with braces has come a long way in the recent times. Unlike that in the past now an ever-increasing number of adults are readily going for this treatment. Earlier when the conventional fixed braces were the only option for straightening the teeth people were uncomfortable with the idea of having to move around with a mouth full of metal. That is why use of braces was mainly restricted among kids and teens. Adults seeking orthodontic treatments wonder if there is any suitable option available for them to cater to their specific needs. They also consider the cost and wonder if they could get the treatments on NHS. In the following section of the blog post let us explore some common questions related to Invisalign and the NHS.


Is Invisalign available on the NHS


The NHS provides various orthodontic treatments absolutely free to patients below 18 years. However, the orthodontic treatment must cater to the betterment of overall health and wellbeing of a patient. Usually, kids are considered for undergoing treatments with braces from the age of 12. Treatment assessment for these youngsters is done on especial scale called the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need or IOTN. 


On basis of the assessment a child is assigned with a number ranging from 1 to 5vto denote their need for orthodontic treatment. The levels both 4 and 5 indicate the kid is put on the waiting list for treatment. Children who are put on Level 3 are treated on individual basis. As of now the NHS does not offer invislaign. This is because the NHS people prefer traditional fixed braces over Invisalign. Therefore, if you are searching for Invisalign on the NHS you should better search for other options. As such a large number of these people seek private dentists and dental practices of the treatment. There they get a wider and more impressive range of treatments to choose from. Moreover, there is no waiting list for getting treatments in private. 


What is the reasonable cost of Invisalign in the UK

People interested in these cutting-edge teeth straightening procedure are eager to know the reasonable cost of the treatment. As such there is no uniform price for the treatment. Just like any other dental procedure the cost of Invisalign too varies from case to case. The cost is determined by a number of factors like the expected duration of the treatment, the level of complexity involved and others. Invisalign Lite offers the most reasonable cost compared to the other versions of invisalign although it is not suitable for everyone. As far as Invisalign treatment at reasonable price in London is concerned you can check out the Chatfield Dental Braces. The practice has a reputation for offering the cutting-edge treatment in its “state of the art” environment at a pocket-friendly cost that easily fits every budget. Moreover, it has an excellent track record in handling Invisalign cases. The practice is located on the Chatfield Road in Battersea.

How is Invisalign better than Smile Direct


Mail-order orthodontics comes almost at a throwaway price. The exceptionally low price makes this option unbelievably tempting. Smile Direct Club quotes a price that is as much as 60% lesser compared to that of traditional orthodontics. In terms of money, you are paying 60% less while you are also having 100% less support from a qualified orthodontist in person. Orthodontic dentistry is not always absolutely lucid and transparent. It is important to stay in regular touch with your dentist or orthodontist to make sure everything is going as per the treatment plan. Therefore, recommending Smile Direct is not possible for any technically sound, qualified and trained oral health practitioner.


Is not there any pocket-friendly alternative to Invisalign


Invisalign technology is one of the most popular teeth straightening procedures all over the world. Thus, you must have heard about it. Other than Invisalign a lot of other modern, reliable and easy to use teeth straightening options are there. Those options are as discreet and effective as invislaign. You can easily explore those options before deciding on the procedure to straighten your teeth with. Now that you know there is no way to access Invisalign on the NHS it is better to look for options that will surely prevent a burn in your pocket. Ultimately the ideal choice of your treatment depends on what is right and most suitable for you.