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How to Get Long Luscious Lashes with Lumigan Eye Drops

Most women long for full, long lashes, but they aren’t willing to put in the time or effort that it takes to produce them out naturally. Rather, they rely on false eyelashes or extensions and mascara to get the look they desire. But you don’t have to settle for a false lash look when there are over-the-counter eye drops available at your local pharmacy that will help you achieve longer, thicker lashes. This article explores how Lumigan eye drops can help you achieve gorgeous lashes naturally and safely!

Don’t Skip Lash Care


Some over-the-counter products are packed with ingredients that can harm your lashes. Bimat and Super Lash—two prescription medications for glaucoma patients—are more effective at growing longer, thicker lashes than some popular OTC lash treatments. As part of your nightly routine, you apply a few drops of each medication onto your eyelids and let them dry. It may take 4–6 weeks before you see results, but stick it out: You’ll be rewarded with dramatic new lengths and even texture in just two months or so. When starting these medications (or any product), always consult a doctor first and read all instructions carefully; you don’t want to accidentally damage your eyes while trying to care for them!

Use these steps every day

Wash your face. Moisturize your lashes. Apply a thin coat of Lumigan Eye Drops once a day before bedtime. It will take several weeks for you to notice a change in length, but it’s worth sticking it out because these eye drops are long-lasting (up to twelve hours). You’ll want eye care professional to monitor your progress and check for any adverse reactions—some patients have reported stinging or burning eyes after using Latanoprost eye drops. If you notice irritation or other negative side effects, stop using Bimat as soon as possible and consult your doctor immediately.

Sleep in Mascara

Your lashes absorb more than a gallon of moisture each night while you sleep. That’s why your eyes feel so puffy in the morning—your eye makeup and undried mascara can add even more heaviness and drag. Before bed, gently lift off any stubborn flakes of mascara by massaging them between your fingers, and then sleep in Bimat or Latanoprost Eye Drops. Once they’ve dried overnight, wipe them off carefully to maintain a light application of a product that won’t give your lashes a weighed-down appearance. In just four weeks, you should notice significantly longer, thicker eyelashes that are better able to withstand coats of mascara without losing their curl.

Use Coconut Oil

Another alternative is to try an eyelash growth serum. The one we recommend is Lashblast 24-7 Eyelash Growth Serum. It comes with a two-month guarantee and is pretty inexpensive (costing less than $15) and its formula consists of Vitamin E and a proprietary blend of compounds that are said to support lash growth. Follow the directions on the application carefully or you’ll risk rubbing it into your eyes when applying – so be careful! Aside from that caveat, if you suffer from fine or thin lashes then you’re probably going to want to give it a try before paying for an expensive trip to get extensions done.

Try Eyelash Growth Serum

One of my favorite eyelash growth products is Eyelasticity. What I love about Eyelasticity is that it works on any lash length. If you’re trying to grow longer lashes, but they’re stuck in between short and long and can’t seem to break through into long-lash territory, then try using a Bimat like Eyelasticity for a few months. (A disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Eyelasticity.)

Give Yourself an Eyelash Lift

You might not think twice about washing your face daily, but eyelash care is just as important. Make sure you’re using a mild cleanser that’s formulated for use around your eyes. Also, keep in mind that many soaps can be too harsh and cause irritation (and make sure you don’t rub your eyes at all). Never dip cotton swabs into any solutions or creams; doing so could introduce germs into your eye that could potentially cause an infection. Ask your doctor which products are best for treating dryness or itchiness around your eyes.

Keep Your Eyes Clean

Keeping your eyes clean is essential when it comes to having long lashes. If you don’t wash your face before bed or wear contacts then getting some eye drops in your eyes every night can help. One of our favorites is bimatoprost – also known as Lumigan. This drug is used by women who have glaucoma (increased pressure in their eyes) but it has been proven that using it at a lower dosage (0.03%) will still keep pressure levels down while making lashes grow longer and thicker than they ever would without it. And there are a lot of popular brand names like Latisse and Careprost that are low-cost versions of Latisse. Try one out!

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