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How to Connect car Battery to an Electric fan

This summer, we are presenting to you a blog that will help you if your car is too old or the radiator which cools the engine is not functioning properly and you don’t want to get it repaired just yet. Don’t sweat out this summer even if your car needs additional cooling. we will give you the ultimate solution to attaching car fans in a car!


Do car fans have any special demand


You can use a car fan without any issue. Car fans are generally small and require less power. So, it won’t put much load on your car’s battery. We can use a car fan even as a dashboard fan, a car fan is not very expensive and less is the cost of operation if we compare it to the AC. a car AC will consume about 1 litre of fuel in an hour.


Car fans are designed to run with 12V power. Our car battery is 12V and so we are good to go


To my title there can be two meanings- one is installing a car fan and another one, if your engine is overheating and you don’t get any solution to the problem. Your mechanic may have said there is no underlying issue with the radiator or engine. We understand that! In that situation, you need an electric fan.


If your engine is overheating then an electric fan will solve the problem. Maybe, when you are standing in traffic your car overheats. So, try installing an electric fan on the radiator. This is great if you are moving slow, i.e., air is not pushing through the radiator.

First, let us start with the installation process and tips on car fans.

Today, we’re gonna be wiring up and installing some electric cooling fans for all car models.

The tools we will need for this job will be a pair of wire cutters, wire strippers, wire crimper and crimp connectors, a roll of wiring harness tape and some heat sink tube.


  1. Start by stripping the wire of the fans you have purchased. If your car is small, buy a small fan as it will not aesthetically good if you install a fan that is too big in a small cabin. Your cabin should not look too messed up.


    2.Now, after stripping the wires, take the crimp connectors and attach them by the wire crimping tool. This method ensures that the wires don’t disconnect. If you just entangle the wires then most of the time they get disconnected after some time. That is a headache.

     3. Next , you have to do the wiring carefully. Because if you mess up here then you can create the opposite effect. For radiator cooling, your fan must rotate in the direction that it is not blowing air to the radiator. Means, it is sucking the air from the radiator or engine side.

But for a dashboard fan, you have to make a connection such that the air blows to your face.

Don’t worry ‘cause even if you get it wrong, it won’t cause any damage.

The black wire you see is for neutral or ground. Connect this to the negative terminal of the battery. 

  1. Additionally, you can use connectors for the fan connections. In this way, you can unplug it when needed rather than having to open the connections from the battery.

Mounting time- Installation guide

  1. For the radiator fan, you need to mount the electric fan on the radiator. Make sure that it sits flushed otherwise it won’t work well. You will have nylon bolts etc. in the fan box itself which needs to be used for mounting the fan on the radiator. If needed, you may also have to make a small drill.

2. If a car is like your second home and you spend too much time in it then probably you have a folding bed installed in your car. Here, a fan also becomes necessary. A dashboard fan is used to cool the driver and co-passenger.

Dashboard car fans nowadays come with car socket plugs and so, you do not need to make any wiring. But, the wire will dangle in front of you. If you want a permanent solution and installing the fan in the rear cabin then you can get connection from the cabin light.

After the connection, you can use both side tapes if you drive mainly on smooth roads or you have to make a drill. A double sided tape will come off easily and it is better to make a drill if you want a permanent solution.

Take a drill machine, then measure the screws that came with the fan box and set an equivalent drill pin and drill the part where you want to attach the fan. Tighten the screws and you are done.

That was all regarding electric car fans which can solve your engine overheating problems. You can also install a dashboard car fan. We have a lot of car accessories to make your ride memorable and pleasurable and you ought to surf our collection!

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