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Google SEO Updates 2022

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google seo updates 2022
Google SEO Updates 2022
By admin October 3, 2022
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Google Announces 7 Local Search Updates


Google is rolling out 7 local search updates, and they’re all slightly different. The biggest update is the ability to use Google Maps in mobile search results for local businesses. This means you can find restaurants, bars, and other businesses near you by searching on Google Maps. The other updates in this update include a new Discover feature, which will show up in the bottom of your search results page that allows users to browse local events happening around them; filters for location-specific searches (e.g., “Indianapolis restaurants”); and a tool called “know your town” that will help you discover more about where you are and what’s nearby.

Google also announced that it will soon be launching a new tool called My Business, which will allow small businesses to get more visibility on its platform through an improved directory of reviews and ratings from fellow users.

Google announced 7 local search updates, including the removal of duplicate listings, a new way to find local businesses near you, and more.


Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Duplicate listings are now removed from Google Maps

Google Maps has a long history of duplicate listings. In fact, it’s hard to find a business that hasn’t been listed twice by Google Maps at one point or another. The company is finally taking action and removing those duplicate listings starting today.


  1. Local businesses near you can now be found with Google Maps’ new Nearby feature

The Nearby feature was already available on the desktop version of Google Maps, but now it’s available on mobile as well. This feature will help users find local businesses when they’re trying to decide where to go for dinner or where to buy groceries in their area.


Google has announced a number of updates to its local search results, with some significant changes to the way businesses can rank in the area.


The company says it has made seven improvements to its local search algorithm over the last year. The updates include:

  1. The addition of new filters that allow users to filter the results by price range or distance from their home or office
  2. An expanded number of business types that can appear in a result page, including restaurants and bars
  3. A new “Nearby” tab that allows people to see more businesses within walking distance of their current location
  4. A new feature that shows nearby maps and directions on Google Maps when you click on a restaurant or venue’s listing on Google My Business
  5. The ability for businesses to set up Google My Business pages for themselves by logging into their existing website account Google announced a number of updates to its local search engine for users in the United States and Canada.

Google Maps for mobile devices will now include warnings about speed limits and other driving restrictions, such as construction zones or school zones. It will also recommend alternate routes when a driver is considered high risk.


Local businesses that are part of Google’s Merchant Center can now use the app to advertise on Google Maps, Google Search and YouTube in select cities.


The company is also announcing an update to its ad formats that have been designed specifically for local searches, including rich snippets and instant answers. The new format will help users find information more quickly by highlighting relevant results within the search results page.

Google announced seven local search updates at its Search and Business Events conference in Las Vegas this week. These efforts are aimed at helping local businesses get more visibility on Google’s search engine, which helps them find customers and improve their bottom line.

Google said the updates would be rolled out over the next few months. They include:


A new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm for local results pages (LSPs)

A new LSP for business hours, which will also show locations’ start times and end times

A new LSP for nearby places, which shows businesses around a set distance from a user’s location.


Business hours and nearby places can now be filtered by category on the Maps app

The “Nearby places” feature is also being added to Maps on desktop and Android.

Google has announced a host of updates to its local search results, including the option to choose from a number of different map styles and a new way to access local businesses.


The search engine giant has announced seven new updates that will roll out over the next few months, including:

  • An option to select from a number of different map styles, including satellite, hybrid and road view.
  • The ability to zoom in on your current location and click on any address to find out more information about it.
  • A new “find nearby” card that can be shown when you’re on another page in your browser (for example, when you’re looking at a restaurant’s menu). This card shows all nearby businesses as well as their category and distance from your current position. When clicked, it takes you directly to the website for that business.
  • A “nearby” feature within Google Maps’ search function that shows all the businesses within 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) of your current location.”

Google has announced seven updates to its search engine, including the ability to run an extension of the search results in Chrome and more.


The company said it would roll out new features to its search engine over the next year, including the ability for Google Assistant users to ask questions about the content on websites.

Google will also allow people to extend their search results by clicking an icon that appears next to a search result. The extension will show extra information about the subject matter of interest, such as videos and images from sites that link to other pages on those sites.


The company also plans to make it easier for developers to create extensions for Google’s Chrome browser.

Google has recently announced seven new updates to the Google Search Ads platform, including a new feature to help marketers better segment their audiences.


The latest update comes on the heels of the company’s announcement last month that it will no longer use its own properties or content in search results. This means that if you’re an advertiser who uses Google properties as part of your campaign, you’ll need to create your own ad extensions.


Google is also making it easier for advertisers to track performance across devices and platforms using a new “View Insights” tool in the dashboard. The new feature allows advertisers to see how their campaigns are performing across tablets, laptops and desktops, smartphones, connected TVs and game consoles.


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