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Better Guide for Visiting Dubai Desert

Desert Safari Dubai 

A desert safari is an excellent choice if you only have one day in Dubai and don’t know what to do. The desert safari Dubai is a must-do when you’re in Dubai. It takes you away from the chaos of the city and into the middle of the desert, where you can experience Bedouin life in a way you’ll never forget. I have even made a short list of things you should know and do before going to the Dubai Desert.

There are safari trips at different times, but if you want to see the sunset while on safari, I suggest going in the afternoon. A Desert Safari Dubai Tour  can begin anytime between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m., and pick-ups are easy from all over town. Evening safaris let you see a beautiful sunset before you eat a delicious meal and watch a performance. Morning safaris end with breakfast. Simply put, the desert seems like a friend, and life moves much more slowly as the sun goes down.

Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable


A simple, straight-cut maxi dress with a jacket: “What to wear to the Desert” says these are a no-no but hear me out. If you’re going dune-bashing or riding a quad bike, a maxi dress might seem out of place, but that’s about all the awkwardness you’ll feel while wearing it. If you take some fancy photos in the desert, remember that sand will get into your clothes much more quickly if you wear a maxi dress.

It’s just a jumpsuit, not a playsuit, a shorter version of a jumpsuit. This is the most comfortable thing to wear in the desert, especially when dune bashing. You won’t have to worry about embarrassing panty flashes as your car bounces over the craziest sand dunes. You’ll be nice and warm. Choose one made of a fabric that won’t stick to you and isn’t see-through.

Culottes and palazzos with no seams and a sleeveless top: Another great choice is the palazzo pant or its cousin, the culottes, which are shorter. If you have sensitive skin, sleeveless tops aren’t the best choice, but if you want to wear one anyway, try to find one made of a light, airy material. The best clothes are a mix of cotton and polyester.

If you go to Dubai, don’t wear tight, thin jeans and boots. The desert has some of the finest sand in the world and will get into every crack. It’s not a very good plan.

Putting on crazy bracelets is so much fun that I can’t help but do it every chance I get, but in this case, less is more. Sand gets caught in complicated jewelry, which rubs against your skin at night.

Best Foot wares


Your best bet is a pair of ballet flats that are soft and supportive. I wouldn’t recommend sneakers, but they might be fine if you like to wear closed shoes. But open shoes without heels are the best thing to wear. Heeled shoes are not allowed at all. “The rule of the desert is flats, flats, and more flats,” says an old saying.

Bring wet tissues and something to drink


Even though there will be plenty of water on the desert safari, I suggest bringing your water just in case. Second, a sturdy backpack is better than a stylish handbag, but you don’t have to have a sturdy bag.

Even though it’s likely that your body will serve as a reminder, it’s still essential to have a separate argument for this. When you get dehydrated from being in the sun, you need to get help right away.

Motion sickness & Medication


You should bring something if you get motion sick, even when the road is straight. If you don’t want to go dune bashing in Desert Safari Dubai, don’t be afraid to tell the safari company. If your stomach hurts, you should take whatever medicine is available. Even though it looks fun, dune bashing is not a joke, and you must plan carefully before going on a desert adventure.

Watch the sun go down


Even though it’s clear, I need to say it anyway. Take some time to appreciate a desert sunset. A beautiful sunset is one of the most memorable sights you’ll ever see, so put your phones down and watch it for a few minutes. One of the best things about Dubai is that it has some of the most beautiful sunsets.

Come to the camp and stay for the fun


At the end of each trip into the desert, guests watch a show under the night sky. Even though belly dancing is usually the best part, I liked the Egyptian dance because the performer looked like they were having a great time. Even if the show isn’t great, it will make you think about something which will make it stand out.

And finally, don’t miss the beautiful scenery in the Best Desert Safari Dubai. A lot of the time spent in the desert thought about how small compared to the vastness and harshness of the land.

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