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Best SEO Agency In Gurgaon Offers Tips On Local SEO

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Best SEO Agency In Gurgaon Offers Tips On Local SEO
Best SEO Agency In Gurgaon Offers Tips On Local SEO
By admin September 27, 2022
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For all small businesses, irrespective of its location, local search is termed to be quite powerful and offers amazing results. If not optimized properly, your business is likely to lose potential customers to competitors in your area. The fact is about 46% of Google searches seek local information. This is huge and the numbers are only increasing with time. Hence, local seo is very much crucial to ensure business stays relevant. 


Tips to follow in 2022

  • Add posts on GMB (Google My Business) and engage on social media:

  • There are numerous social media platforms, each of which claims to have millions of subscribers. Google is presently giving more importance to such platforms. Once you have created your GMB profile page, the next step will be to share it with different social media platforms. 
  • Optimize for GMB:

  • GMB is undoubtedly the most important tool used by people in general to make local search. Google supports, shares and verifies own content. Hence, GMB is termed to be a vital tool which when creatively created can help businesses to meet the stringent needs of Google. Review generation, updating operating hours and contact information helps improve customer experience. 
  • Optimize online citations and directories:

  • There are several map data aggregators that offer map data. Ensure consistency among your catenations. Complete across those data aggregators. It can be problematic if discrepancies arise like abbreviations, misspellings, wrong contact number of lacking suite number. Google needs to determine authenticity of your business information to display the same in all search results. 
  • Ensure online consistency of your business name, contact number and address:

  • Search engines and potential customers in general should find you easily on the web and without much effort. This can be achieved by establishing your NAP (Name, Address, Phone). Do not include NAP only in an image. Remember, search engines cannot crawl effectively on HTML text-based images. For assistance contact the Best SEO agency in Gurgaon.

  • Enhance internal linking structure:

  • Do point external links to your site. Also adjust internal linking structure as it boosts SEO rankings significantly. Internal linking matters as it helps with website hierarchy and information architecture. It supports site navigation, distributes page authority as well as ranking power especially among pages. You need to do it the right way to derive the desired results. 

  • Local SEO audit:

  • Perhaps, completing the above basic steps, you may consider stopping here your SEO efforts. But you need to understand that SEO is not a one-time but an intuitive, ongoing process. You need to carry out comprehensive audit to identify where your site stands currently. Also, you are to determine what work to be done to achieve set goals. This is done with local SEO audit. 
  • Include location pages to site:

  • Create location pages in case your business operations in numerous physical locations. Through such pages, readers can get your business name, phone number, address, unique store descriptions, store hours, promotions, and parking/transit information. Also should be published testimonials availed from happy customers. Do not duplicate content in different location pages. Descriptive ‘About Us’ pages should be created locally. 
  • Optimize content, meta description, headers, title tags and URL:

  • When content is concerned, each new blog post can be termed to be a newly indexed page especially for your website. It is a new page where geographic search phrase can be targeted, new opportunity derived in SERPs (Search engine result pages). Optimize new content for search engines. 
  • Mobile-friendly site:

  • Mobile and local search go together. Mobile search alone accounts for 61% of all searches made on Google. People may try to find directions to visit your store, seek contact information or check out reviews. Since 2017, mobile-based ‘near me’ searches seem to have increased by about 250%! Hence, it will be wise to optimize your website to become mobile-friendly. 
  • Local content:

  • The fact is that with time, Google is getting smarter. This means, content creators are required to publish more for users. The purpose should no more to appease only search engines. General topics are found to attract a large crowd. At times, it will be useful to publish industry or local related news as it can attract local audience. 
  • Participate in local community:

  • Identify your local community and participate more. This will help receive more digital PR. You can derive inbound links, increase brand awareness and positive press. This can be achieved by sponsoring an event, non-profit campaigns, appealing as an industry expert in local media, etc. 

Take proactive steps

Remember, creating a website and making it live on the web will not alone help your business to attract customers. You do need to consider the above steps and implement them wisely. Do hire the industry professionals to support you in this venture.

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