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5 Best Places to Visit in Rome

Top Place to Visit in Rome


Rome is one of the cities that are sure to amaze you. It’s the kind of city you go to but don’t realize the number of things to do and see in Rome when you get there. There are many places to see in Rome, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.


In reality, there are many amazing stories to be told about (and historical sites within) Rome, and it’s hard to mention all the amazing food and fun things you can do in Rome.

The Colosseum Rome


You must visit The Colosseum when visiting Rome. You must purchase Colosseum tickets to the tour ahead of time if you think you’ll just go the hill to The Colosseum and buy tickets for entry; you’re fooling yourself.

However, it’s an absolute horde, and you’ll be wasting time waiting in line and unable to go into the Dungeons. I recommend making this tour through The Roman Guy, which includes visiting The Roman Forum.


Palatine Hill and The Roman Forum


I had not had any idea about The Roman Forum before visiting Rome. When you visit it, you’ll realize that it’s something unique. It’s also it’s not even.


It’s the remains of the ancient government structures in the heart of Rome close to The Colosseum, and it’s incredible. Palatine Hill (where Rome was established) is located over The Forum and is an archeological site.


If you purchase the Colosseum Tour through the Roman Guy and book through the Roman Guy, you’ll get an organized tour of Palatine Hill and the Forum following your exit from The Colosseum. The Forum is not to be missed and (I believe) is more impressive than the Colosseum.


The Vatican


As well as all the other attractions associated with it, such as the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Basilica. I strongly recommend booking a tour the first early in the morning, as you arrive at the Vatican opens (usually an 8:30 am tour), since as time continues, it will become very busy.

Even on tour in the morning, the place will be packed; however, you will be able to enjoy your visit to the Sistine Chapel without it being in an absolute crowd. If you’re looking to visit The Vatican, I would not recommend The Roman Guy, as the headsets were too tinny for such a large crowd, and we could not understand the words of our guide.

The Borghese Museum


We enjoyed our visit to the Borghese Museum! It is located in the Borghese Villa, which on its own is breathtaking. It is also possible to stroll around the stunning gardens after your visit.

There are many impressive and interesting statues in the area (like Apollo and Daphne and David (not to be confused with The David in Florence). The audio guide is certainly worth it. Be aware that the numbers in the audio guide can be complicated initially.


Bioparco di Roma


Bioparco di Roma also known as The Rome Zoo, was founded in 1908 to ensure that the public could observe exotic animals and learn about their habitats. Since it was established, the park has been able to add environmental education and conservation to its mission. The combination of early 20th-century architecture and recreated habitats give the zoo a stunning appearance, combining human history with nature. Be sure to arrive before closing time, which is 5 pm, because many animal habitats close early to accommodate animals. Make arrangements for a visit to Bioparco di Roma and other tourist attractions in Rome with the Rome trip planner.

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