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12 Things MUST Check Before Buying Used IPhone 2023

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12 Things MUST Check Before Buying Used IPhone 2023
By admin January 5, 2023
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Buying Used IPhone 2023


If you are reading this article, it means that you have decided to buy a used iPhone instead of upgrading to a new one. Smartphones have become disposable. We upgrade our iPhones yearly instead of buying a new one because we cannot justify the cost of a new one on top of our monthly cell phone bill. 


We all love the new features that come with each new iPhone launch, but they’re not cheap. The first thing we do after getting rid of our old iPhones is look for ways to cut down on the cost of a new one. Buying a used iPhone is one way to do that, and it can save you hundreds of dollars on your next smartphone. Even if you don’t want to sell it back, buying a used iPhone can be less expensive than buying a brand-new model directly from Apple or your cellular carrier.


However, searching for a used iPhone can be challenging as you have to look into many things to avoid scams and low-quality phones. So, this article will share some great tips to get the best-used iPhone.


Check before buying a used iPhone


You can do several things as an informed buyer to avoid getting ripped off by a seller, especially if they know that many people will be looking to buy a used iPhone. Here is a handy list of things you should look for when buying a used iPhone.

  • Find My iPhone
  • Blacklist Status
  • Check if it’s Unlocked
  • Warranty
  • Check the Activation Lock
  • Verify the Storage Capacity
  • Check the Battery
  • Water Damage
  • Cameras
  • Headphone Jack and Charging Ports
  • Buttons

Find my iPhone


If you are considering buying a used iPhone 11 this is one of the most critical factors. The Find My iPhone should always be disabled before selling or giving away your device, as someone could easily track its location and use it for nefarious means. 

You should ask the seller to check Settings & [Your Name] & Find My iPhone to determine if Find my iPhone is enabled.

Before buying a used iPhone, ask the seller to disable Find My iPhone and remove their iCloud account.


Check Blacklist Status


The best way to find out if the iPhone is blacklisted or not is by checking the IMEI with a third-party service. This is an essential step because if the phone has been blacklisted, it will be impossible to make phone calls on any cellular network in the United States. If the iPhone is blacklisted, you will see a SIM card error or warning message on the screen.


Check if it’s Unlocked


When you buy a used iPhone, it is essential to know if the device is unlocked or not. You can only use it on a particular network if it’s locked. If you want to use the phone with another carrier, you will have to unlock the phone yourself.


If the device is unlocked, it can be used on any network in your country. It is also possible for the device to work on networks outside your country. This would depend on which bands are supported by that carrier and what bands are supported by your iPhone.


IMEI Invoice and Warranty


In order to ensure that the iPhone you purchase from the seller is genuine, you must obtain an original invoice. By doing so, you can determine the current status of the iPhone’s warranty. Check the serial number of the iPhone on Apple’s official website by entering its serial number.


Check the Activation Lock


Several security safeguards and other iCloud services, such as access to cloud backups, are enabled when you sign in with an iCloud account during the setup of an iPhone.


Activation of the iCloud Activation Lock is one of the security measures. Your iCloud account is locked to the iPhone while this is in effect, even after a factory reset.


This implies that you won’t be able to sign in with your iCloud account if you purchase a used iPhone and discover the previous owner’s iCloud account is still active.

Check to see if the Activation Lock is on, and if it is, make sure to ask the seller to delete their iCloud account before you purchase the iPhone.


Verify the Storage Capacity


Although it’s a very little point to consider, you should double-check the storage size of the used iPhone you’re about to purchase because iPhones have different storage capacities.

Verify that the [device] storage capacity matches the advertised figure by going to Settings > General > Device Storage.

Remember that an iPhone’s pricing reflects its storage level; the more storage, the more expensive the iPhone.


Check the Battery Health


One of the most important things to check before buying a used iPhone is its battery health. If you buy a phone with a dead or low battery, you will be stuck with an expensive paperweight.

Most people don’t know how to check the battery health on their phone, but it’s pretty easy. You can find out if your phone has any problems by going to settings>battery>battery health>Maximum capacity. You’ll see an estimate of how much your battery will last, along with the percentage and whether or not it needs charging now.


Water Damage


Water damage may seem inconsequential, but over time it will significantly harm the iPhone’s components and render it inoperable. Double verification is crucial because water damage also nullifies an iPhone warranty.

An LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) is a handy feature found in iPhones. It turns red if there has been water damage and stays silver otherwise. This is inside the SIM card tray slot (the exact position varies between iPhone models).


Test all camera modes


A lot of customers end up buying an iPhone with a damaged camera. Test each camera setting, especially the portrait mode. The camera could be destroyed if it continues to take fuzzy photographs while unable to recognize objects.


Headphone Jack and Charging Ports


The headphone jack and charging ports are two of the essential features that must be checked before buying a used iPhone.

If the headphone jack is defective, you can negotiate a better price for the item. Connect your headphones and see if you can play music without problems.

Everything is different when it comes to the charging port. When the iPhone’s charging port breaks, it may not always be fixable; even if it is, the repair will cost money. Find another secondhand iPhone to purchase in such a situation.




The buttons on an iPhone are delicate and can easily break due to people pressing them too firmly. This is another thing you should look for damage to.

Ensure the iPhone’s buttons, including the lock/side button, volume controls, and home button, are all operational.

Additionally, see sure the buttons are secure and haven’t been pushed in too far. For more recent models, see if Touch ID functions.




There are a lot of things to consider before buying used iPhones, but these are some of the most crucial things you must check when opting for secondhand iPhones. Do your research correctly and take much time to avoid getting a poor-quality iPhone with so many technical faults.

However, there are various certified retailers that best fit your needs, like Phone Daddy, where you can get a variety of best-used and refurbished iPhones and Android phones with a warranty. Visit their site and get the latest refurbished or used iPhone USA has to offer you.