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10 Most Amazing Tourist Attractions in Pereira

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10 Most Amazing Tourist Attractions in Pereira
By admin September 3, 2022
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Best Tourist Attractions in Pereira 

South America is full of exciting places to visit and activities to try. However, the lists of things to do on different websites are all too similar. Because it is frequently stated that Colombia is unsafe, it is advised to avoid secluded areas.

So, we invite you to discover eight unusual and non-traditional things to do in Pereira, Colombia, which are popular among tourists. You’ll learn about eight off-the-beaten-path spots in the town of mountains and coffee.


1 The central railway station 

The central railway station in Pereira is called Estacion del Ferrocarril. It is truly one-of-a-kind due to its architecture and significance in Colombian history. If you have some free time and enjoy trains, or if you’ve always wanted to show these massive machines to your children, go to the station. Pereira is proud of it, and you will enjoy it as well.

2 The Pereira Cathedral in Pereira

In Pereira, the Church of “Our Lady of Poverty” is also known as the Pereira Cathedral. The cathedral in Risaralda, Colombia, is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is known as Nuestra Seora de la Pobreza. The cathedral is located in the city centre, to the west of the Plaza de Bolivar. The cathedral has original brickwork, wonderful architecture, incredible wooden artwork, and a stunning roof and ceiling. Above all, Pope Pius XII transformed this church into a cathedral in the nineteenth century.

3 Meet Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar is a well-known figure. He ensured that South America gained independence in the majority of its regions. Many cities on the continent that you have already visited or plan to visit can set up an appointment with the Simon Bolivar statue. If you’re expecting a traditional statue of a famous person on horseback, don’t go to Pereira to see Bolivar’s statue.


4 Take A Coffee Tour

After a morning bike ride and downtown exploration, we’re sure you’re ready for a cup of flavorful Colombian coffee. You can spend this special time discovering the taste of the freshest coffee in one of the town’s numerous cafes. Cafe owners will always recommend that you follow your cup of coffee with pastries or cake.

5 The Theme Park

Is it been a long time since you visited an amusement park? A special theme park where you can have all the fun in Pereira is located in the middle of a plantation where the best Colombian coffee grows. Parque del Cafe is the name of the park. They provide a variety of activities on land and in the water.

6 Ucumari Natural Park

The Ucumari Natural Park offers safaris similar to those available in Pereira. The animals walk around, giving you the opportunity to photograph some of the rare species that live in Colombia. Furthermore, because the views are absolutely stunning here, you will post numerous pictures of yourself on social media.

7 Arabica Beans Grow

Liked the Colombian coffee? Want to know where the real Arabica beans grow? Take a farm tour through Colombia’s coffee plantations and inspect everything yourself. You can book a tour to a coffee farm at your hotel reception, where the guide will show you the plants and tell you interesting facts about coffee. Take your time.

8 Replica de Pereira

Replica de Pereira is a must-see attraction on your Pereira vacation, nestled in the beautiful Parque Consotá with beautifully landscaped lawns and lush blooms. It’s an intriguing museum in a beautiful park that bills itself as a miniature Alice in Wonderland. Replica de Pereira is a small village that has all of the characteristics of the city. It features colourful cabins and stores selling artisan products from various regions, local delicacies, and a variety of souvenir items. There are also exhibits of antiques, memorabilia, and old photographs in the park.


9 Metropolitan Park Café Pereira

Metropolitan Park Café Pereira is a fantastic family-friendly tourist attraction. It is a large waterpark that is open six days a week. It has lagoon-style pools with adorable slides as well as a large playground with monkey bars and swings. There are also wonderful picnic areas for guests to enjoy. This park has football fields, walking and jogging paths, and bike tracks, which will delight fitness enthusiasts. There are also food stalls where guests can purchase snacks.

10 Cerro Canceles

Looking for a relaxing spot in Pereira? Take your shoes and make your way to Cerro Canceles. It is a lovely public park located on the eastern side of Pereira in an elevated area. Its location provides visitors with breathtaking city views. This park is beautiful during the day, but it becomes even more magical at night when the city is illuminated by sparkling city lights. The government intends to develop this hilly area into a coffee-centered tourism destination. It will eventually be filled with coffee, food, and craft vendors, but for the time being, you may want to bring your own snacks and drinks.

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