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10 Best things to do in Orlando

Best things to do in Orlando


Orlando in Florida is a lovely and well-liked vacation spot for families. Millions of people come here each month. The enormous theme parks are, of course, the main draws.


The Kennedy Space Center and even Legoland are included in addition to Mickey Mouse and roller coasters. So certainly, Orlando has a tonne to offer, with the main difficulty is finding the time, energy, and resources to fit it all in.


What more does Orlando provide, though? We can certainly be of assistance if you’re seeking some interesting activities to do in Orlando. In this theme park city, we’ve discovered the strange and amazing, hipster, distinctive, and just plain fascinating things to do.

Here are things to do in Orlando


Universal Studios Orlando


Visitors to Universal Studios Orlando can mingle with the film industry and fulfill their dreams of visiting their favorite movie locations. Making everything happen around you is a fantastic combination of a theme park and a functioning studio.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the newest addition and one of the most magnificent to Universal’s Islands of Adventure, which has been ranked as one of the greatest theme parks in the USA.


Universal Studios Florida


In Orlando, there is a theme park and a production facility called Universal Studios Florida. The general public might enter in June 1990. It doesn’t care if it’s cold and rainy outside or hot and sunny. There is a tonne of activities at this amusement park for any weather.

Additionally, you may take in shows like A Day in the Park with Barney and the Horror Make-Up Show at Universal Orlando. The finest thing to do at Universal Studios Florida is to “ride the movies.” Absorb yourself in the worlds of your favorite movies, like Shrek, Despicable Me, Transformers, and Harry Potter.

The sister park of SeaWorld and Aquatic Orlando

The sister park of SeaWorld and Aquatic Orlando is called Discovery Cove. When you enter Discovery Cove, you can have a heavenly experience here. You may relax on the white-sand beaches and tropical lagoons at this location. The general public might enter in June 2000. You may rest down twisting rivers and beneath cascading waterfalls or go snorkeling to see fish and manta rays. You don’t need to travel far from Discovery Cove to enjoy the tropical splendor of island nations. Today in Orlando, you may hand-feed tropical birds, swim with dolphins, and touch stingrays.

The Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience is one of the most unusual and spiritual things to do in Orlando. Daily programs are available to bring environments to life further, and features have been developed to resemble those from the past closely. The interactive attraction helps bring the Bible to life in a way unmatched elsewhere. The vast theme park with a religious theme seeks to transport visitors to the Holy Land and instruct them on the person and times of Jesus. The faithful recreation shows the streets that Jesus once traveled, the miracles he performed, and the places where he served the religious.

The lovely Harry P. Leu Gardens

In the 1930s, the lovely Harry P. Leu Gardens were built. In their private gardens, a couple has planted numerous exotic plants from all over the world. The lovely gardens, which are now open to the public, comprise tropical and subtropical species. In addition, there are lakes, beautifully landscaped gardens, monuments, and shady walks spread across around 50 acres. In the middle of the gardens is a historic house that has been painstakingly reconstructed to demonstrate what life was like in bygone eras. It’s one of Florida’s top outdoor attractions and is excellent for couples seeking romance and tranquility in the great outdoors.

The Kennedy Space Center

One of the world’s top locations for space exploration is the Kennedy Space Center. The NASA site has witnessed numerous noteworthy occasions. A handful of Apollo missions are included. Visitors to the enormous facility can take tours that provide unique insights into space programs, difficulties, developments, and long-term objectives. The Space Shuttle missions and the launch of the Skylab space station. Many people aren’t aware that the region is also a sizable wildlife sanctuary, where animals like bald eagles, snakes, manatees, alligators, and Florida panthers can be found.

Islands of Adventure

Depending on the island you choose to visit at Islands of Adventure, you can explore various realms. Children of all ages will delight in the playful experience at Dr. Seuss’ Landing. With Spider-Man, you can traverse the concrete jungle’s structures by swinging. You can join Spidery on an exhilarating 4D ride to save the Statue of Liberty from an evil organization. From Hogsmeade Station, you can even take the Hogwarts Express to King’s Cross Station and Diagon Alley.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Since 1998, it has been among the entertaining things to do in Orlando. Both adults and children find this to be popular. About 580 acres make up Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which has a zoological theme. The park’s numerous wildlife-related attractions will appeal to animal lovers and adventurous types. You can take guided tours of the African savanna, fly over the Himalayan train tracks, or even journey back in time to the period of the dinosaurs.

You can embark on an exciting voyage and encounter creatures such as Asian Tigers, Western Lowland Gorillas, and African Lions that live in the wild. You can also spend the day dining on delicious dishes from African to Asian cuisines in the park.

Walt Disney World Resort Orlando

Within the Walt Disney World Resort is a series of outdoor entertainment venues called Disney Springs. Additionally, there are 63 places where you can eat. It includes House of Blues Restaurant & Bar and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Here you can shop till you drop at Walt Disney World’s entertainment district. The many restaurants located throughout the area can also keep you satisfied. Additionally, you can enjoy entertainment like Drawn to Life by Cirque de Soleil or bowl at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. In March 1975, it made its debut.

The Florida Mall

You can find over 294 stores and services at the Florida Mall in one place. This mall boasts so many services and attractions if you want to spend a quiet, laid-back day out that you could easily stay all day. The Florida Mall is the biggest shopping center in Central Florida. The distance to Orlando International Airport is only a few minutes.

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