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10 Best things to do in Oakland

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10 Best things to do in Oakland
By admin July 31, 2022
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Best Things to do in Oakland

Are you guys making travel plans? Then spend your holiday in Oakland. The ideal location for a vacation is here. It is famous for its numerous, enormous redwood trees, but the 1,800-acre area is also home to evergreens, chaparral, and diverse grasslands.


1 Lake Merritt


This is a fantastic site to visit if you’re looking for family-friendly activities in Oakland, California. The lake has a current boating facility where rowboats, canoes, and boats may be leased and sailing lessons can be taken. There is also Children’s Fairyland, a storybook amusement park, and The Gardens at Lake Merritt, a stunning seven-acre collection of themed gardens.


2 Morcom Rose Garden


One of the most romantic activities in Oakland is visiting the Morcom Rose Garden. The “Dedicated Deadheaders,” a group of volunteers who take care of the garden and maintain it spotless, tend to the roses. The garden has served as both a haven of calm and peace and a lovely location for important events like weddings.


3 Chabot Space and Science Center


One of the top attractions in Oakland and one of the best educational institutions in the country is Chabot Space & Science Center. Chabot offers a variety of interactive programmes, action courses, hands-on workshops, special events, and a Space and Science Camp for eager learners. It is located in the hills above Oakland, surrounded by a stunning grove of redwood trees.


4 Fox Theater


One of the most remarkable sights in downtown Oakland is the Fox Oakland Theater, which was built to resemble an fascinate and mysterious Indian temple. The Fox Oakland Theatre is a terrific spot to go if you’re searching for romantic date night ideas in Oakland. Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Alice in Chains, Kylie Minogue, and B.B. King has all performed at this renowned live concert venue.


5 Oakland Museum 


“Telling the story of California” is the mission of the Oakland Museum of California. The museum displays almost two million items related to California’s natural science, art, and history. The museum is located in downtown Oakland, next to Lake Merritt, and offers a variety of displays, displays, and events that explore the causes that created California into what it is today using cultural monuments, natural specimens, ethnographic items, and pictures.


6 Oakland Zoo


There are 440 animals living in the Oakland Zoo, a stunning animal refuge in southeast Oakland. The Valley Children’s Zoo, which has interactive play areas for kids and is home to a variety of unusual animals like ring-tailed lemurs, century-old Aldabra tortoises, pot-bellied pigs, and bats, is part of the zoo, which is best known nationally for its excellent elephant exhibit, where the stately giants roam freely.


7 Hive Oakland


In the trendy Uptown neighbourhood of Oakland, Hive Oakland is a special mixed-use destination that is well-known for its innovative specialty eateries, holistic fitness alternatives, and welcoming co-working spaces. The neighborhood’s favourite restaurant, shop, and office space makes use of restored historic structures along the district’s Broadway corridor, including the site of the former Drake’s Dealership Dodge car dealership, which has been transformed into a mouthwatering 32-tap beer garden and trying to cut gastropub dining institution.


8 Art and Soul Oakland


Soul and Art An annual festival held in the summer celebrating regional cuisine, music, and art. The two-day festival is held at the Frank Ogawa Plaza in the heart of Oakland and presents a range of regional bands and musicians, as well as dance performances and displays of various visual arts forms. Homemade snacks, light dinners, and beverages are available from food sellers. The festival is perfect for the entire family thanks to its variety of activities.


9 The Terrace Room


One of Oakland’s best-kept dining secrets is The Terrace Room, which is housed in the stunning 1927 Lake Merritt Hotel building in a location that was first used in 1934 as the Cascade Terrace restaurant. The historic location rose to fame as one of Oakland’s hottest nightlife hotspots throughout the 20th century. Today, the Art Deco-style supper club boasts some of the city’s most breathtaking lakefront vistas and serves up reinvented American classics made with locally sourced ingredients.


10 East Bay Regional Park District


The Alameda and Contra Costa counties on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay are covered by the expansive East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD), a network of immaculate public parks and trails. The region, which covers more than 120,000 acres, has 65 parks, some of which are wilderness areas and others of which offer a variety of outdoor activities like swimming, boating, camping, and fishing.


What to Eat and Drink


Duende is a small restaurant that serves traditional regional Spanish food in a welcoming atmosphere. It’s a little piece of Spanish heaven right in the middle of Oakland. A dynamic menu features a variety of Spanish classics, such as Tapas and Pintxos, varieties of Raciones, pans of Paella and Fideua, while blending traditional and local influences with contemporary flair.


Where to stay


There are a tonne of hotels in the city. All of the hotels are close to places to eat, drink, and visit. The motels are situated near public transportation. Bay Breeze Inn, Executive Suites & Inn are the names of the hotels.

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