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10 Best things to do in Cali

If you’re looking for wonderful things to do, California is the ideal destination. Thanks to its distinctive street parties and dance, Cali is known by the rest of Colombia as the “Rumba Capital” and by the rest of the world as the “Salsa Capital.”

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  • Best time to visit: – the best time to visit Cali between December to March and June to September.
  • Currency: – The Colombian Peso is used here!
  • Language:- Language in the city is Spanish
  • Getting around: – You can get around by the Mio mass transit system that runs in the city.
  • Travel tip:– This city is known for salsa, Museum, Parks, Rivers, and various others there! 

1 salsa show in Cali

Some really talented dancers travel to California to perform in various clubs. They are lovely to view. Visit a cabaret instead if you want to see intricate choreography and vibrant clothes. In California, it’s a magical thing to do!

2 El Cristo Rey

Cali is watched over by a huge statue of Jesus. Although the monument itself is hardly worth the journey, the view of the city is spectacular, especially at night. Along the way to Christ there are many pizzerias built. In one of them, savour a meal. In California, it’s simple to do that.

3 cruces in Cali

The easiest hike in California is the one that leads to Las 3 Cruces. The trail is not particularly simple, though. There is no shelter to avoid the heat of the sun, and some sections of the path are rather steep. Fortunately, there are merchants selling freshly squeezed orange juice to enhance the experience. You are rewarded with a stunning view of Cali once you reach the summit. For many Caleos it is a Sunday morning activity.

4 Caliwood, Colombia’s Hollywood

A passionate relationship between California and cinema led to a creative cinematic boom. With the aid of an audio-guide in either English or Spanish, you may learn about the history of the Colombian cinema industry by visiting the museum. Here, there are a lot of vintage cameras and projectors. This museum in California is a must-visit for cinema buffs.

5 Tertulia Museum

A modern art museum called La Tertulia hosts numerous travelling exhibitions of work by artists from all over the world, with a concentration on Cali and Colombia. Spanish explanations.

6 Taste Cali’s specialties

Niels joins you on this delicious gastronomic journey that will tantalise your taste senses. You travel from San Antonio to the “Galeria Alameda,” Cali’s biggest market. Your guide will share a variety of anecdotes with you along the trip about the locations you visit. You can sample delectable meals like empanadas de chontaduro, ceviche, lulada, or lechona once you are in the vicinity of the market. Take a quick break to digest and enjoy a fine Colombian coffee before you finish. It’s enjoyable to do in California.

7 San Cipriano

A tiny community called San Cipriano is tucked away in the middle of a lush jungle. Due to the town’s complete isolation, the residents created a unique contraption to access it. La Brujita is a platform moved along railroad tracks by a motorcycle. Yes, that does seem odd. Yes, it’s something you have to see to believe. When you go to San Cipriano, explore the nearby waterfalls and ride an inner tube down the river. Welcome to the tubing world! The most memorable day trip you can take in California is to San Cipriano.

8 Canyoning to explore the rivers

To descend magnificent waterfalls using ropes, karabiners, and other equipment, take a jeep ride to Pance. To our great delight, canyoning is a sport that is steadily gaining popularity in Colombia. While experiencing a healthy dosage of adrenaline, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature from a new perspective. The professionalism and positive attitude of the New Order Adventure agency really stood out to us. You must do it while you’re in California!

9 Fresh air at Pance 

The Cali locals prefer to visit Pance, a little village located two hours away. Come here to take in the pure air of Las Farallones Park, climb to the summit of Pico Loro, see birds, and/or cool down in the nearby river. In Pance, there is no public transportation. If you’re arriving by bus, pick a hotel that’s close enough to the village.

10 Pico Loro

Pico Loro is the greatest hike to go close to Cali if you enjoy the outdoors and breathtaking vistas. However, organising it is not that simple. The 360-degree view at the top quickly makes you forget about the tonnes of sweat that have been dripping down your back. The entire Valle del Cauca, as well as the Western and Central Cordilleras, will be visible to you!

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What to Eat and Drink

Citywide, Cali and its restaurants have emerged as a destination for foodies. Traditional empanadas from Colombia. Don’t leave California without trying the local version of the famous empanada. A tray of these appetisers can easily become a dinner thanks to the wonderful meat and/or potatoes inside and the corn crust.

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Where to Stay 

Cali has a wide selection of hotels. All hotels are opulent and magnificent and conveniently close to transportation. You can choose between hotels and rental homes for your stay. There are a few excellent hotels, such the NH Cali Royal, La Vaina Cali, and Hotel Spiwak Spirito.

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