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Cowhide handling is genuine craftsmanship that has been given over for a long time. Those worked by our artisans are the most valued and well-known calfskins on the planet, precisely for the capacity to improve the characteristics of standard material best, yet not all cowhides are very similar. There are various kinds of cowhide, which permit an extraordinary inventive assortment. Each sack of the index of Original Tuscany has its specific person, and this character is offered above all else by the sort of cowhide utilized. Here are the kinds of cowhide used for our packs and how to remember them.

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Cowhide Leather

The cowhide is an exceptionally delicate calfskin to the touch and is an ordinarily Tuscan item. The distinction of this cowhide, notwithstanding the variable thickness, is the variability. A cowhide pack changes its appearance and develops with its proprietor. Along these lines, the cowhide packs become very adaptable and unrepeatable items.

Full Grain Leather 

The full-grain cowhide is an exceptionally excellent calfskin unique from the others because of its effortlessness and delicateness to the sight and touch. The nature of this calfskin is perfect for the buyer who loves effortlessness and yet knows how to see the value in a valuable and safe material.

Saffiano Leather

The creature from which it is determined is the calf. For the individuals who love the most mind-boggling calfskins, the Saffiano cowhide comprises a weave made by Prada. This joining of cowhide gives the Saffiano calfskin a significantly “damaged” look, a lot of value by significant beauticians. It is a highly safe and waterproof sort of cowhide.

Dollaro Leather

One more calfskin that is described by the absence of surface homogeneity is the dollar. Additionally, for this situation, it is a relatively thick weft of cow-like calfskin that is applied to the whole grain cowhide. It is an extremely trademark and exceptionally delicate cowhide, adored by buyers for its work of art and generally in vogue note.

Hearty Leather

Calfskin is the exemplary ageless. The impeccably tanned calfskin can be worked both with vegetable or manufactured tanning. Utilized for proficient sacks, for its rich appeal and its opposition, it is portrayed by the ordinary earthy colored tone.

Ruga Leather

The flaw cowhide is a refined calf calfskin described by its tastefulness. Slender, splendid, and smooth are its fundamental elements. Like saffiano cowhide and dollar calfskin, it is a semi-worked calfskin with whole grain.


The python is a beautiful and vibrant kind of cowhide. Ideal for grip packs yet additionally for additional spacious sacks, it is perceived for the prominent creative mind of the surface, which comprises the sizes of the creature from which it is inferred. Every animal is unique, so every sack made of python cowhide will be novel and unrepeatable. Packs and different embellishments in python are an ageless example of the style.


These days it is not difficult to track down engineered items sold as cowhide embellishments available. There is a simple stunt to recognize genuine cowhide from manufactured calfskin. Who should consider the name: a unique thing is generally set apart with a mark that verifies it. Above all else, the cost: certified calfskin embellishments have high fees, precisely given the materials utilized.

The smell and nature of the grain of the materials is one more specific component of genuine cowhide: a unique pack of scents that presents superficial defects. In any case, an engineered sack is dubiously unscented and has no flaws. Our bags are made of calfskin and are made in Tuscany by the best craftsmen of the region of S. Croce sull’Arno (Florence), renowned worldwide for the nature of its work.


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