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Send files easily




You know those times when you hit send and the file isn’t sent? It just sits there, like it doesn’t understand how to do anything? SendBig helps with that! Not only does our platform manage files for you automatically, but we also provide a few features that make sending files much easier. Here are some of the basics:

How to Send Files Easily


To send files easily, you first need to create a SendBig account and sign in. Next, choose the file you want to send and click the “send” button. You can type a filename or use the provided input fields to help with your file upload. Finally, select the “send as text” option if you want to send the file as a text message.

How to Use SendBig


Once you have sent your file, it will take some time for it to be processed and delivered to your recipients. To speed up this process, you can use SendBig’s “account status” feature to see how many files are still pending and how long they may take for their delivery. You can also use the “upload files” feature to upload large files quickly and easily.

How to Manage Your Files


To keep your files organized and accessible, you should consider using SendBig’s “files management” features. This includes creating folders for different types of documents (photos, videos, etc.), syncing your files between devices (PCs, laptops, tablets), or tagging them with keywords or other information so that they are easier to find when needed.

How to Get Started with SendBig


In order to get started with SendBig, you first need to sign up for a service. This can be done through any online platform, such as Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. Once you’ve signed up for a service, you can set up your preferences and start sending files easily.

Set up Your Preferences


Once you have your preferences set, it’s time to get started! To send files, you first need to create a Send Big Files account. You can do this by clicking on the “Create an Account” button at the top of the send big files screen.

Get Started with File Send


Once you have your account created, it’s time to start sending files! To send a file, simply click on the “Send File” button at the bottom of the send big files screen and enter the file name and path into the fields provided. The sent file will immediately be sent to your computer without having to wait for it to download!

Get More Out of SendBig


To get even more out of SendBig, there are a few things you can do:  First, make sure that you keep track of your sent files so that you know where they are and when they will arrive. Second, use sendbig status Checker to constantly check if there are any new or updated files waiting to be sent; if there are, don’t forget to update them in your preferences!

Tips for Using SendBig


The SendBig File Send Wizard can help you reduce the time it takes to send large files. To use the File Send Wizard, first create a new file and enter the following information:

File Name: A name for your file that will be used to identify it in later chapters.

Password: Your password. This should be easy to remember and will protect your file from being changed or erased.

Encryption Method: Use either AES256 or Blowfish encryption methods depending on your security needs.

Destination Folder: The destination folder where your file will be sent. You can choose to have your file sent to any folder in the same directory as your document, or you can specify a different destination folder if you want to keep your document separate from other files.

Use the Custom Fields to Improve Your File Send


You can improve the speed and accuracy of your file send by using custom fields in your document’s Settings panel. To do this, follow these steps:

Select the FileSend tab in the Settings panel and identify one of the following fields:

Field Description


AES256 Encryption Method This field is used for encrypting a file’s data before sending it over the network. Blowfish encryption method is used for secure communications between clients and servers when using TLS 1.2 or later connections. This field must be set to true if you want to send files with this encryption method.

The destination folder where your file will be sent (if you opted for its being sent there). If you have specified a different destinationfolder, then this field must also be set to false so that other files in that directory won’t get affected by your encrypted file send.



Sending files is a easy and efficient way to communicate with your customers. By using SendBig, you can get more out of your files than ever before. With our simple and helpful File Send Wizard, you can easily send files of any size and type. Additionally, our Custom Fields feature allows you to add extra information to your file send so that it becomes even more personalizable. Thanks to SendBig, getting started with file Sending is easy and fun!

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