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Dietary tips for the constipation Problem

In order to keep yourself healthy, every organ and system of our body should work smoothly. In case any of it is not working properly we will not be able to stay healthy and fit. The digestive system plays a huge role in our health and if it gets upset we become unable to eat and digest the food. Constipation is one of the digestive problems that people are facing. There can be so many reasons behind the constipation problem and slow bowel movement, less intake of water, or other syndromes. 

Constipation can be irritating as you will not feel comfortable eating your food and can also face other digestive issues. There is a need to follow a proper diet plan to get relief from constipation. 

You can follow the below-discussed tips that can work as a good meal plan for constipation relief 

  • Higher water consumption: 

Not drinking enough water can also be the cause of constipation. That is why you need to drink enough litres of water that is two litres a day. Try drinking normal water instead of chilled water. 

  • Go for the rich fibre food

Eating foods with high fibre content will help you in correcting your constipation problem. Go for the whole grain cereals as they are fibre rich. 

  • Take your probiotics

You must consume probiotics regularly so that you can have higher healthy bacteria. Go for Greek yogurt, curd, buttermilk, etc.

  • Add cereals to your diet

You must add cereals like oats, bajra, wheat, and brown rice to your diet. All these food items will help. 

  • Add pulses to your diet

The pulses include high protein and other nutrients that our body needs. You must add black gram, red gram, and green gram to your diet. 

  • Eat every type of fruit

Fruits are also good for the constipation problem. Go for the oranges, banana, strawberry, blueberry, grapes, papaya, and guava. All these fruits can also help in maintaining your body weight so that you don’t gain weight throughout. 

  • Poultry products

You can also add poultry items like eggs, salmon, and chicken to your diet. 

  • Say no to refined foods

Refined foods like white bread, maida, etc are not good for our health. They can cause weight gain and also worsen the constipation problem. So, avoid adding them to your diet. 

  • No to frozen or packaged food

Frozen food or processed food is not good for our health. The packaged food items do not help with losing weight neither they help in getting rid of constipation. So, avoid eating such food items. 

  • Don’t add too much caffeine to your diet

Taking too much caffeine will not help. You must avoid drinking lots of coffee. Also, avoid drinking packaged drinks like juices, buttermilk, etc. Try to make fresh juice and lassi instead of a packed one. 

All these food tips are helpful and should be there for a constipation patient diet chart. 

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