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Choose Your Profitable Demat Account Easily

Profitable Demat Account 


NIFTY and SENSEX have reached new highs. Various sectors, including, Green Energy, Infrastructure, Information Technology (IT), FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), etc., have performed well, and metal companies are shining. 


Considering this performance, individuals may get captivated by the stock market. Individuals who are excited to start stock investing need to open a demat account. It is an integral part of the online trading system in the screen-based stock trading system, introduced decades back under the Dematerialisation Act in 1996. 


The popularity of demat accounts can be assessed by the rising number of demat accounts in the records of stockbrokers. The number of Demat accounts in India increased to 10.6 crores in November 2022. With 18 lakh new accounts, it is 37% higher than the previous year.


What is a demat account


A demat (abbreviated form of dematerialised) account is a repository for digital securities. It can hold all the financial investments an individual makes in the stock market, including stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, bonds, derivatives, etc., for a shorter or longer time frame as per the investor’s desire to stay invested. 

While talking about ‘what is demat account’ it is necessary to mention how it works.

  • When an individual buys financial securities, these securities are credited to their demat account. Similarly, dematerialised securities get debited from the same demat account if a demat account holder sells them. 

How to Choose a Profitable Demat Account


Since a demat account is a mandatory account to invest in the stock market, every person looks for the best demat account at reduced costs. Opening a demat account with a discount broker can be profitable in many ways. Key points that encourage most individuals to consider a demat account with renowned discount brokers are as follows:

  • Zero Account Opening Fee

The demat account opening fee is a one-time fee charged by full-service brokers in the market. One can approach reputed brokers registered with the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), offering free demat and trading accounts. The account opening process is 100% digital with reputable discount brokers, making it easy to open a demat account online. One need not pay charges otherwise involved in the offline registrations for stock trading.

  • Nil Account Maintenance Charges (AMC)

Reputed discount brokers do not charge AMC. Individuals can choose a brokerage plan to avoid AMCs. These are annual and affordable brokerage plans that allow investors to open free demat and trading accounts without AMC. The primary difference between demat and trading account is that a demat account stores financial assets and a trading account records transactions one made for online trading.

  • No Charges for Demat Credit Transactions

Among the demat charges, one is transaction fees levied for the debit and credit securities in a demat account. It differs from broker to broker and choice of brokerage plans. Some brokers do not levy transaction fees when a demat account gets credited. 

  • Enhanced Security 

Stockbrokers are bound to follow the safety guidelines specified by the SEBI and exchanges from time to time. A technology-focused brokerage firm can ensure the greater safety of their clients’ personal details and trading transactions. Discount brokers focus on increasing the quality of their trading platforms and keep investing in advanced technology. 

  • Quality Service 

In this competitive world, individuals can find several brokers lined up to offer their demat services. Investors should shortlist the best discount brokers offering affordable and quality services

Thus, a demat account benefits investors with online, speedy, safe, and convenient online investing processes with the advantage of cost-efficiency. Individuals can approach a reputable discount stockbroker in the industry, facilitating their clients with low-cost and quickly-activated demat accounts.

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