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4 Reasons Why Country Boy Belts Are the Best Choice

Country Boy Belts

A country boy belt can be the perfect accessory for those who like to dress in country style. These belts are available in many designs, including scalloped, brass, and plate types. They can liven up your clothing and give you the impression that you’re leaving for work. 

Plate style buckles 


You can only catch the plate-style buckles on the country boy belt if you are a fan of cowboys or country boys. They are beautiful and functional, and they are suitable for both formal and casual outfits. However, it would be best if you chose the practical buckle for your needs. 

Plate-style Western belt buckles are usually detachable. You can also choose a belt with intricate designs and artwork. Some of them have rope edges or scrollwork. 

You can find these types of belts in many different colors and styles. For example, you can wear a bright one with khaki shorts and boaters. Or, you can have an upscale one with alligator or crocodile leather. 

Most of these belts are made from tooled leather. The leather is stamped with patterns. Sometimes, the belt may have parachute clips for a more modern look. 

A belt can create a focal point in your outfit. You can choose a statement-making belt, and then you can match your jewelry to the buckle. Choose a silver, brass, or gold-toned buckle. 

Oval buckles 


A well-made belt can be an excellent addition to a man’s wardrobe. Choosing one with a bit of care and attention is easier than you think. One thing to consider is the fit of the buckle. Generally, a good leather belt is a good buy-in and out. Spending money on a well-made leather item rather than a lousy knockoff is preferable. Fortunately, there are several belt makers worth a try. Among them is Saddle Creek. If you are in the market for a new belt, take a peek at their online catalog to find a belt

that fits the bill. As far as fit and finish go, they are pretty good, and the customer service department is second to none. 

Scalloped buckles 


The Country Boy belt is a quality accessory that comes in a variety of sizes. It is made from 100 percent top-grain leather and features an imprinted design and durable snaps. Unlike cheap imitations, you can wear your new leather belt for years. 

One of the more impressive belts from the M&F Western Products (r) collection features a silver ball chain and clear rhinestones. You can even get a detachable buckle with this belt. It would be best if you paired it with a denim dress and your favorite Wrangler (r) bootcut jeans. 

You could also use the belt as a handy tool to tote small items. For example, you can easily tuck your cell phone into its keeper. It is a handy feature when your smartphone has a small pocket or a case that’s difficult to remove. 

If you’re into all things cowboy, you’ll also want to check out the Montana Silversmiths 61360-422 Scalloped Sheridan Style Western Belt Buckle with Bronc Rider. The buckle is designed with polished twisted rope trim. 

Brass buckles 


If you are looking for the best buckle to complement your belt, brass buckles are a great option. Unlike plastic buckles, brass buckles are durable and can withstand the elements. Brass is a durable material that has a natural patina. You have access to a massive selection of designs. 

When buying a buckle, you want to be sure it is a quality piece. Look for a stamp of 925 on the back of the clasp. Also, look for a metal that is not made from nickel. Some people suffer from nickel allergies. 

Brass is a good choice for Western buckles. It is a durable and tarnish-free metal. It allows for intricately handcrafted designs. 

Another option for buckles is zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is a mix of metals such as aluminum, copper, and steel. The alloy can be polished to give it the appearance of silver. These buckles are durable and will withstand a night out on the town.

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