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You must be informed about Sondai Fort Trek

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sondai fort trek
You must be informed about Sondai Fort Trek
By admin April 23, 2022
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Close to Karjat Chowk Phata, Sondai is not a popular fort. Karjat train station is located nine kilometers away from Sondai Fort Trek. Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri forts, Karnala Fort as well as The Matheran mountain range are all visible from this location. In order to guard the trade route, Sondai Fort Karjat was utilized as an observation tower. The Sondai Fort’s two villages of base include Sondewadi along with Wavarle. 

The town of Sondewadi is situated at about a quarter of the top that is the Fort. On the topmost point which is where a Statue of Sondai Devi is situated in the middle, there are two reservoirs of water and steps made from rocks. Two more water cisterns that have potable water are also on the way. Waverle is another town where access to Fort is difficult due to the large woods. A ladder made of iron, Sondai hike, has been built. It makes the climb up to the top to look for Sondai Devi temple’s blessing safer for pilgrims and hikers alike.

EXTRA Information: 

The Sondai hike can be a bit challenging. Sondai’s main village is Sondewadi located in the Karjat region. Sondai Fort may be climbed in just 2 hours. It is believed that the Sondai Fort was created as guard towers to monitor the surrounding areas. The place of the Temple that is dedicated to the Goddess of Sondai near the summit of the mountain gave Sondai Fort its title. Since the temple is not a structure the tree over is considered to be its wall.

The Sondai Fort walk is a moderate hill fort walk that is mostly a towering watchtower which is situated at 360 meters. Sondewadi and Waverly, two villages are found close to the fort. The village of Sondewadi is just half a mile away from the Fort. Its Morba Dam, Prabalgad, Songiri, Rajmachi, and Irshal forts along with The Matheran mountain range, can all be observed from the top at the top of Sondai Fort. The fort is home to 4 water reservoirs that provide drinking water. On the top of the fort there’s also an image of Sondai Devi, and the steps to reach it are made from stone. To facilitate the climb they have built two ladders. The first ladder takes you to two cisterns. The second one leads straight towards the summit.


 Sondai Fort walk is a moderately challenging trail that takes about 1 hour and a half to finish. In the monsoon season the walk becomes slightly more difficult as the steps of the rock become slick. The fort can be reached via two routes. One route from Sondewadi is preferable since the other from Waverly is a more difficult route due to the dense forest.


 If you are driving by vehicle from Mumbai to Pune, you must use the Sion-Panvel Freeway, as well as the Eastern Express Highway. Use the Mumbai-Pune Freeway to get from Pune to Khopoli Then, take the Khopoli-Karjat highway until Talabani. Trains are more convenient since direct trains operate between Mumbai or Pune up to Karjat. For a trip to Sondewadi’s home village, one can use a seven-seater rickshaw known as the tumtum, or an ST bus.


Many Water Tanks are just a few of the sights that can be seen on your Sondai Fort Trek. Sondai Temple has been dedicated to goddess Sondai. Two iron ladders are in place. They are located in the Matheran Mountain Range and may be visible in the far distance. Morbe Dam is a dam in Morbe, Germany.

A LOT OF THINGS to CARRYinclude a third of a 1 litre of water

Screen or face mask that is properly fitted.

Sanitizer. On the trek I packed a lunch.

When you are on a trek Shoes provide additional stability and comfort.

20-30 litres of water for a backpack that can last a day

A quality torch should include a battery.

Dry fruit, snacks that are dry and energy bars. Sachets of Glucon D, ORS, Tang and Gatorade.

Sunglasses and a cap. The Personal First Aid Kit and personal Medicine are two of the things you can perform by yourself.

Identification proof.

Wear sleeves that are full and track pants to shield yourself from sun as well as insects, thorns and sharp prickles.

Rain is predicted so pack your bags well to stay dry.

Plastic bags can be used to double-pack your valuables as well as phones.

If you’re not planning to be soaked, pack rain gear or ponchos as well as waterproof jackets.


Please increase your physical fitness prior to organizing any adventure activities.

A majority of us were confined to our homes in the lockdown.

It is important to inform Treks & Trails India about any medical issues you may have prior to signing up at the festival.

N95, please wear three layer masks.

Always keep a disposable mask with you always.

Before you engage with anyone, please be sure that the participants, employees, leaders, and all other people wear masks.

Keep a hand wash along with the sanitizer bottle and clean your hands prior to touching any food items or other items.

Wear slacks and full-sleeved shirts as well as wearing hats, hiking boots, and a bandana for your face over your mask for a covering.

Infection with the Covid19 virus is reduced by covering it up.

Take food and drinks and items such as a cup, fork, or spoon.

Dining, cooking drinking water, cooking are all within reach using your cup.

Make sure to keep your water bottles close by and don’t give them to anyone else.